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CluedIn and Microsoft Present:
How to master data effortlessly with an AI Assistant

Speakers: Tim Ward (CEO, CluedIn) and Henri Schulte (AI Solutions Specialist, Microsoft)
When: 11:30am CET, October 12th 2023
Where: Online

Join master data management expert and CluedIn CEO Tim Ward, and Microsoft's AI Copilot & Partner Solution Architect, Henri Schulte, for an exclusive preview of the new CluedIn AI Assistant – showing you how to master, enrich, and connect data with the business in a groundbreaking new way.

Webinar - Data Governance 3.0
CluedIn and Microsoft presents:

Data Governance 3.0: Aligning Data Governance with the Objectives of the Modern Business

Join CluedIn and Microsoft to explore how innovative approaches are making data governance an integral and valued aspect of business operations, thereby garnering support and enthusiasm from business partners.

CluedIn and Adatis presents:

The Power of Purview and CluedIn

Watch how CluedIn and Microsoft Purview offer a unified and scalable means of preparing your data to deliver insights, efficiencies and growth opportunities. Don't miss out on this opportunity to safeguard and manage the compliance of your data with the latest AI and augmented MDM tooling,

CluedIn presents:

Meet the New CluedIn: Product Tour

See the latest features of CluedIn! Learn how to integrate, validate and deduplicate your data with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. You'll also see how our newest offering raises the data quality bar, reduces data errors and inconsistencies, and improves analytics accuracy.

Ascention webinar - LinkedIn graphic 3 (1)
CluedIn and Ascention present:

Accelerating AI Readiness: How to prepare your business for AI quickly and effectively

Watch the latest data masterclass, led by Zack (CluedIn) and Manning (Ascention), and learn how to avoid the "garbage in, garbage out" scenario (plus the secrets to unlocking maximum value from AI with quality data).

CluedIn Copilot webinar - revised promo 1
CluedIn and Microsoft present:

How to master data effortlessly with an AI Assistant

Join Tim (CluedIn) and Henri (Microsoft) for the epic reveal of the new CluedIn AI Assistant, the world's first in master data management to be powered by Azure OpenAI. 

CluedIn and Azure OpenAI

Top Ten Data Governance Use Cases for Azure OpenAI

In this one-hour webinar, discover the Top Ten Data Governance use cases for maximum business impact, empowering your entire organization with responsible data-driven insights, improving data quality and security, and meeting regulatory requirements. Don't miss out!

Zero upfront-modelling vs upfront modelling_ exploring the differences with Magilo - social and email header 2
CluedIn and Magilo

Zero upfront-modelling vs upfront modelling: what's the difference? 

In this session, we won't just teach you the differences between zero upfront data modelling and upfront modelling - we'll show you which one can help you start flooding your with business with insight-ready data in just five weeks.

Cloud designed vs non cloud designed with Centric Consulting - social and email header 3
CluedIn and Centric Consulting

Understanding Cloud Designed Data Infrastructures

Discover the differences between cloud-designed infrastructure and the alternatives in this engaging webinar featuring Centric Consulting.

CluedIn and adesso

Hierarchy vs Graph: understanding the differences

You keep hearing about the technology - it's time to start using it.

In this webinar, you'll get a step by step guide to bringing Azure OpenAI to life in your data governance strategy with CluedIn today.

An introduction to MDM-augmented data governance with Mattang - social and email header 2
CluedIn and Mattang

An introduction to MDM-augmented data governance 

If you're looking to make the most of AI and stay ahead of the competition, you need effective data governance. 

Together with Mattang, we'll take you through the basics of using CluedIn to enhance Reference Data, Data Lineage, and Security.

Winning the business over on the value of CluedIn MDM with VENZO - social and email header 3
CluedIn and VENZO

Winning the business over on the value of MDM

If you understand master data management and why you need it, but leadership buy-in is a struggle - this session is for you.

Together with VENZO, we'll show your how to pitch the value of master data management to leaders in your business. 

CluedIn and Mattang

Unlocking Reference Data

Master data management covers a broad range of data types. In this session, we’ll zoom into one of the most critical streams of business data, reference data, and how it can be best utilized to unlock business value.

preparing your data for the era of AI together
CluedIn and Microsoft Fabric

Prepare your data for the era of AI with Microsoft Fabric and CluedIn

Microsoft Fabric, powered by Azure OpenAI, transforms the way businesses access, use and manage data. In this session, we'll walk you through the features of Microsoft Fabric and how it can be leveraged across the business, as well as exploring how much stronger the impact of Fabric can be when combined with CluedIn.

How to prepare for a successful Master Data Management implementation with Avanade - social and email header 2
CluedIn and Avanade

How to prepare for a successful MDM implementation

Between CluedIn and Avanade, we’ve helped countless businesses to unlock rich analytics with insight-ready data.

From that experience, we can show you exactly how to get any data transformation projects off to the right start - saving you time, money and stress.

CluedIn and VENZO

Demystifying Microsoft Dataverse

In just 30 minutes, you'll learn what Microsoft Dataverse is, how it fits into the wider Microsoft Power Platform and how it compares to other database tools available.

How to deploy and scale AI (3)
CluedIn and Azure OpenAI

How to truly deploy and scale AI in your data governance today

You keep hearing about the technology - it's time to start using it.

In this webinar, you'll get a step by step guide to bringing Azure OpenAI to life in your data governance strategy with CluedIn today.

CluedIn and Microsoft Power Platform

Prepare flawless, insight-ready data automatically

Learn how to automatically govern and steward data with low-code, drag and drop workflows. This webinar follows the release of our latest integration Microsoft's powerful, user-friendly workflow builder - Power Platform. 

CluedIn and Azure OpenAI

Get governed, mastered data in minutes!

Learn how the combination of CluedIn and Azure OpenAI can help you to empower business users to complete 80% of the master data management tasks once required of technology teams.

Data Governance

Microsoft & Avanade Masterclass - Energy & Utilities

CluedIn, Avanade and Microsoft have joined forces to bring you an exclusive masterclass on the power of Microsoft Purview and CluedIn as a means of realizing the benefits of Unified Data Governance for Energy and Utilities

Data Governance

Microsoft & Avanade Masterclass - Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

CluedIn, Avanade and Microsoft have joined forces to bring you an exclusive masterclass on the power of Microsoft Purview and CluedIn as a means of realizing the benefits of Unified Data Governance for pharmaceuticals and life science institutions.

Data Governance

Microsoft & Avanade Masterclass - Insurance & Banking

CluedIn, Avanade and Microsoft have joined forces to bring you an exclusive masterclass on the power of Microsoft Purview and CluedIn as a means of realizing the benefits of Unified Data Governance for insurance and banking institutions.

Data Governance

Fast-track innovation and drive stronger outcomes with Unified Data Governance

View this session to hear experts from CluedIn and Microsoft discuss how data governance and data quality best work together to deliver trusted data that is ready for insight. 

Rise of the Self-Service Platform

Data mesh and the future of Master Data Management

View this session to hear Tim Ward from CluedIn, and Piethein Strengholt of Microsoft, discuss Data Mesh and modern MDM in one of our most viewed webinars to date.

Which one is better?

Traditional vs Modern Master Data Management

Find out the difference between Traditional and Modern MDM.

Driving Data Science

Driving Data Science with a Data Quality Pipeline

Learn how to drive data science with a data quality pipeline.

CluedIn & Azure Databricks

The Perfect Balance of IT and Business

Find out how to achieve a perfect balance of IT and Business.

Migrating Data

Migrating Microsoft SQL Server MDS to CluedIn in Azure

CluedIn team showcase simple process of migrating Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services into CluedIn on Microsoft Azure.


How to manage the data you have?

GDPR / Consent

The CluedIn team takes the audience through mapping consent over the data that you use over your data landscape.


Data fuels AI

Conversational AI

We walk through the scenario of fueling Chatbots and Conversational AI systems with the data that sits within a CluedIn account.

Snowflake with CluedIn

How to drive high quality data to Snowflake?

If you are wondering how you can deliver high quality data to Snowflake, then look no further.


How to gain a single view of anything

Single Customer View

Sitecore joins CluedIn on a webinar to guide customers through gaining a unified access to data on their customers, no matter the source system.


What are the technical challenges?

Solving GDPR and Privacy

CluedIn joins Neo4j in explaining how the Graph can be used to solve the more challenging parts of the data privacy solutions.

The fundamentals

Building a Data Foundation

CluedIn shares the pillars of data management that are needed to solve the core parts of any data foundation at a business.


Scaling Data Governance

Manage Global Data Governance

We investigate how to solve data governance for complex, global and distributed companies.


The CluedIn secret sauce

Eventual Connectivity

Tim takes the audience through the integration pattern of CluedIn that allows customers to simplify large integration challenges.

Scaling Data Management

Data Hub Architecture

How can data management scale within a large organization? How can companies get a single data management platform that works company-wide.


Financial Solutions

DataTalk: Financial sector + Covid

Peter Knight from Codification shares his insights on how data has changed during COVID.

Talking in the Financial Sector

DataTalk: Financial Sector

Listen to Bora Wiemann from Cogningy  explain why easy access to data is so critical within the financial sector.

Myths and Solutions

CCPA / Data Privacy

Join this webinar and find out what are the common questions that enterprises have in regards to data privacy.


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