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DataTalk: Peter Knight | Codification

Financial Solutions

How has data changed during COVID?

DataTalk = Financial Sector + Cognigy

Talking in the Financial Sector

Why is easy access to data so critical within the financial sector?

CCPA / Data Privacy

Myths and Solutions

What are the common questions that enterprises have in regards to data privacy?

Manage Global Data Governance

Scaling Data Governance

We investigate how to solve data governance for complex, global and distributed companies.

Eventual Connectivity

The CluedIn secret sauce

Tim takes the audience through the integration pattern of CluedIn that allows customers to simplify large integration challenges.

Data Hub Architecture

Scaling Data Management

How can data management scale within a large organization? How can companies get a single data management platform that works company-wide.

Single Customer View

How to gain a single view of anything

Sitecore joins CluedIn on a webinar to guide customers through gaining a unified access to data on their customers, no matter the source system.

Solving GDPR and Privacy

What are the technical challenges?

CluedIn joins Neo4j in explaining how the Graph can be used to solve the more challenging parts of the data privacy solutions.

Building a Data Foundation

The fundamentals

CluedIn shares the pillars of data management that are needed to solve the core parts of any data foundation at a business.

Building a Data Fabric

Stitching the pillars

The CluedIn team takes the audience through the concept of a Data Fabric can how it can be used to fuel many use cases off the same data.

GDPR / Consent

How to manage the data you have?

The CluedIn team takes the audience through mapping consent over the data that you use over your data landscape.

Conversational AI

Data fuels AI

We walk through the scenario of fuelling Chatbots and Conversational AI systems with the data that sits within a CluedIn account.

Snowflake with CluedIn

How to drive high quality data to Snowflake?

If you are wondering how you can deliver high quality data to Snowflake, then look no further. .


Using Public Datasets

How to map the worlds data?

There is a plethora of public datasets that are begging to be used. In this webinar we discover how to activate this. 

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