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Revolutionary Master Data Management 

The most innovative Azure-native Master Data Management Platform on the market.

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The power of Knowledge Graph and Azure OpenAI, unleashed on Master Data 

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Low-code data integration

Finally, a Master Data Management platform that anyone can use. OpenAI integration lets any business user master data without technical expertise - just type a plain language prompt, hit enter and it's done. 


Instantly clean, standardize and deduplicate data with Azure OpenAI

Give any business user the tools to master data with conversational prompts in any language. No engineers needed - just tell CluedIn what you want to do, hit 'Enter' and it's done.

Low-code data integration

Easily integrate and blend structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from hundreds or thousands of data sources with our simple, low-code UI. 

Once it's clean, synchronize that data back to any system in your business for consistency.



Build Golden Records with augmented data modelling

75% of MDM projects fail when you have to spend months building data models upfront*. CluedIn is the only MDM platform that lets you integrate data flexibly, and develop your schema later with Knowledge Graph and auto-generated data modeling suggestions.

*Source: Parker, S., Hawker, M., and Walker, S. (2021), Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions, Gartner 

Hierarchy management

Traditional Master Data Management can't understand dynamic relationships, only CluedIn can. For example, a question like 'Which companies does [reseller] work for?' could have a different answer based on who's asking.

CluedIn's flexible hierarchy management scales to 100,000+ nodes -letting you map and visualize dynamic relationships for richer insights that carry into your Azure Analytics. 



Find and govern all business data

Two things underpin effective data governance; knowing what data you hold and where you hold it. 

CluedIn answers both questions by making business data easily discoverable, even if it's kept in files, mail, documents, PDFs, or anywhere else.

When enhanced further with Microsoft Purview - which provides a birds-eye view of your data at source - data policies become increasingly simple to establish and maintain.

Reference data management

Reference data defines the common standards that master data must adhere to, Master Data Management (MDM) without effective reference data management is a bit like steering a ship without a compass.

Reference data brings consistency and standardization to MDM, which in turn promotes data quality, data integrity and accuracy.. 

See data from every angle

Fully integrated into Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform

 As a founding partner of the Platform, CluedIn integrates natively with 27 different Azure services -
making sure you get the insights you need, wherever you need them most.

Powerful data stewardship tools


Build workflows

Microsoft Power Platform is fully integrated into CluedIn - making it easy to keep control of your data with drag-and-drop workflows. With it, you can augment any data management process with Azure OpenAI, build CluedIn-integrated mobile apps, automatically notify data stewards of data changes via any messaging platform, and much, much more.


Automated data quality scoring

Quality scores are applied to data automatically, taking the guesswork out of stewardship. Even better - CluedIn's running log is written back into Microsoft Purview, making it easy to understand how your quality scores change over time and why.


Anomaly detection

CluedIn detects data errors automatically to save you time and improve your insights. Every time you add a new record, CluedIn intelligently scrutinizes it, checks to make sure it's consistent with similar records and warns you of any potential errors. 



Imagine asking 50 people a question and getting a dozen answers back - you'd want an expert to confirm which was correct. Your data is the same. That's why CluedIn uses 30+ external data sources to auto-validate your data and fill in any blanks, making your data more valuable and useful without any extra effort.

Lightening fast 

CluedIn is 80% faster to implement than other Master Data Management platforms, promising insight-ready data in five weeks.

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Zero up-front modeling

Traditional Master Data Management solutions ask you to spend months modeling data upfront. CluedIn is the only Azure-native solution that lets you model data flexibly and hold off on schema mapping until natural data models emerge.

Unstructured data support

CluedIn absorbs more types of data than any other Master Data Management system on the market. That includes data spread out across emails, PDFs, and documents - not just the data in tables and columns that traditional Master Data Management tools can read. The result is a single source of truth without the missing information that other software provides.

Pre-built integrations

Over 220 pre-built integration connectors make it easy to get started with minimal development. These include connectors to SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and many, many more.

Deployable in 20 minutes

Deploy CluedIn directly into your Azure tenant from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and start mastering your data in as little as 20 minutes.

Endlessly scalable



CluedIn brings every data domain and associated process into one centralized platform. This ensures that every piece of your data is consistent, complete, and accurate across your organization, no matter where it came from originally.



CluedIn always runs as efficiently as possible, both for performance and cost. It automatically scales up when you need it and scales down when you don't, making it hassle-free to manage. 


Microsoft-backed security

CluedIn is an Azure-native platform. That means CluedIn is securely deployed to, and your data lives in your own Azure tenant where it's protected by Microsoft's 3,500 global cybersecurity experts.


High availability

Every component of CluedIn's data layer are all enterprise grade and is capable of running in high availability mode if configured that way. We lean on the shoulders of giants here at CluedIn, so the world's best technology underpins our platform. 

Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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What Microsoft says about CluedIn...

“CluedIn combined with Microsoft Azure offers a fast and simple way for enterprises to realize their data estate's full value while eliminating the hardest parts of the master data management journey. Microsoft is excited to work with CluedIn as a partner to help our customers build the data foundation they need to drive innovation, reduce time to market, and gain competitive advantage."


Yvonne Muench
Sr. Director - Marketplace & ISV Journey


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