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Data Discussions

What AI does better than humans... and humans do better than AI.

In this discussion, Tim and Lukas look at how AI is changing data management for the better and look at where the human touch is still needed.


Video at a glance

Tim Ward, CluedIn
Lukas Jurgelionis

Who should listen:
Data Leaders and Data Teams

Video summary:

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives in many different ways. For data leaders and practitioners, the emergence of co-pilots and AI assistants is changing the way data is managed by accelerating tasks that historically would take hours, and delivering results in minutes.

In this video, Tim and Lukas discuss where it makes sense to use AI instead of humans, and where human input and validation is still required.

In this discussion:

  • How customers are reacting to AI in master data management
  • What tasks and processes AI excels in
  • Where AI needs human help
  • Where humans are required in the supply chain of data
  • The future outlook for AI/human interaction
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