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Drag. Drop. Automate.

Automate more, and get data to the business fast with our new Microsoft Power Platform integration.


Graph-based Master Data Management
with integrated Azure OpenAI


The fastest implementation 

Deploy CluedIn in as little as 5 weeks.


Wait six months Master data instantly

Import your data first, then model when ready.


Import. Fix. Share. Anyone can do it

Master data 80% faster without engineers or code.


Actionable data, consumed everywhere

Stream insight-ready data to any system in the business.

Truly next generation MDM

CluedIn just leveled up with Azure OpenAI

Perform powerful data engineering without any technical expertise - just type out a command in any language, hit 'Enter', and CluedIn masters your data instantly.

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Turn raw data into business intelligence. Easily.

CluedIn has reinvented how enterprises prepare data to deliver business insights. It’s unique zero-modelling, schemaless approach to Master Data Management allows you to get and up-and-running in as little as 20 minutes, helping you to unlock the value of your data more quickly and easily than ever before.


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The most innovative Azure-native Master Data Management system

As part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, CluedIn helps companies to manage their end-to-end hybrid data estate more comprehensively and efficiently than ever before. Delivering high quality, trusted data that is ready-for-insight, the combination of Microsoft and CluedIn offers a powerful augmented data platform that enables you to manage on-premises, multi-cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data.

Unlock the full potential of your data and start improving business performance today.

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What do the world's biggest tech companies think of CluedIn?

We asked Microsoft, Google and Sitecore for their thoughts on CluedIn, and the value we offer to customers.

This is what they said.


Ewan Macleod

Chief Digital Officer

"Data is created here, we need to do something on it and push it there. That sounds easier than you think. We need to work with data specialists like CluedIn to take data from here and make it usable there. Leveraging CluedIn allows us to bring the best to our customers. This sounds easy to do internally, but we have to turn to the best to bring the right perspective. "


Thomas Falk III

Data Architect

"Everyone has their own walled garden of their data and everyone believes their records are the best. I think CluedIn's approach is really good. Right off the bat they had metrics to show data quality. To actually show a trend in a record to a senior manager to prove why we should buy into data is fantastic."


Rob De Ridder

EVP Customer Service Delivery

"You need parties like CluedIn to cover Data Quality, to be robust in all dimensions, to make it easy and therefor affordable, consistent and timely by banks to fulfil what needs to be done. This is very hard to do on your own. "


Re-inventing master data management to meet modern needs.

Whereas traditional MDM vendors will ask you to stitch together different products into an end to end story, we have stitched together the common pillars of master data management for you.

We took a knife to traditional master data management and came out the other side with techniques that automate the hardest parts of the process and render traditional approaches as obsolete.

What do we solve
for you? 

CluedIn can master data faster, more reliable, higher in quality, more automated with full data compliance.

Your data will be more ready-to-use due to the fact that CluedIn automates a large part of the entire master data journey for your data-fueled projects.


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What Microsoft says about CluedIn...

“CluedIn combined with Microsoft Azure offers a fast and simple way for enterprises to realize their data estate's full value while eliminating the hardest parts of the master data management journey. Microsoft is excited to work with CluedIn as a partner to help our customers build the data foundation they need to drive innovation, reduce time to market, and gain competitive advantage."


Yvonne Muench
Sr. Director - Marketplace & ISV Journey


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