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Join these Data Driven Leaders.

The first step in becoming a data driven business, is seeing what is possible.

Highlighted Cases

Join these innovators in embracing the modern data fabric.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

After attempting MDM 4 times, STG discovered CluedIn and built their MDM story within 4 months. Now STG have a full view of their product line, who their customers are and more.


After a drawn out digital transformation process, Ernst and Young chose CluedIn as the best platform to provide Ledernes with a data foundation that matched their ambitions, and thact could deliver on them too. 


Customer data was scattered across over 20 systems with no clear way of bringing the data together. CluedIn have now integrated over 30 of their systems in record time.

SpringWorks Therapeutics

SpringWorks have over 600 million in funding and wanted to put the best-in-breed platforms into the business. They chose CluedIn as the core of their data foundation and it changed the game.

Leaders in Construction

GenieBelt had to provide a solution to integrate data across all of their customers. There was no scalable solution they could find, until they found CluedIn.

Large Scandinavian Bank

Nordea was tasked with moving from 4 IBM MDM systems into one new MDM platform. CluedIn provided a modern MDM to automate large parts of their process. The results were incredible.

Leader in Telecommunications

Leaders in Telecommunication, this 10,000+ employee company uses CluedIn to get a centralised view of their customer support data.


Lack of access to data was the number one complexity at Citrix. Using CluedIn they provided their team with direct access to business orientated data


ISS and CluedIn ensured local operations were able to manage their own data, while still being able to adhere and comply with regional or global data policies.


SAP are an impressive technology leader. Utilising CluedIn they were able to elevate their internal operations to accelerate to a modern and data-driven business.

Coca Cola

Knowing the competitive landscape is fundamental to Coca Cola and they use CluedIn to give realtime access to dynamic datasets that exists throughout their business.


Sitecore provides customer experience for the largest companies in the world. Getting the full picture on their customer is critical to their success.


Unifeeder and CluedIn achieved integrated data across operational & customer systems, large scale data cleaning and enrichment.


Ticketmaster has always been a digital company. In their journey towards data, they chose CluedIn to provide access to data across their landscape.

Top Danmark

Top Danmark needed core customer systems in a single and unified data hub, to fuel process analytics, connected data and a single view of their customers.


Convergys was able to integrate data from 124 systems in just 4 months. This monstrous task was made simple by CluedIn's impressive data integration pattern. 

Saxo Bank

Despite having a digital backbone, Saxo Bank wanted to be data driven at the organizational and company level, but  they was facing problems with many scattered data sources.


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