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CluedIn and Azure OpenAI: get the governed, mastered data you need in minutes!

 63:17 minutes

Webinar at a glance

Tim Ward, CluedIn
Henri Shulte, Microsoft


Who should listen:
Any data leaders that want to know exactly why CluedIn and Azure OpenAI will transform master data management forever.

Video summary:

Join Tim (CEO, CluedIn) and Henri (Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft) as they discuss how CluedIn and Azure OpenAI are revolutionizing the way organizations manage their data and make informed decisions. 

Learn how CluedIn’s master data management platform, augmented by Azure OpenAI's advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, can help you to standardize, clean, and enrich your data in minutes, with full confidence and explainability. 

You will also hear how to automate your data workflows, reduce manual errors, and eliminate redundancies. With CluedIn and Azure OpenAI, you can quickly discover the data you need to gain powerful insights in minutes.