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CluedIn joins the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem to accelerate delivery of ready-for-insight data

When CluedIn was founded in 2015, the platform was built and designed on the premise that there are a number of core data management pillars that must be in place in order for businesses to realise the true value of their data. Without these pillars, there will always be an insurmountable void in the proliferation of data that is ready-for-insight.

That’s why, when Microsoft announced the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform on 24 May 2022, it felt like another crucial piece of the puzzle fell into place. We see these pillars converging into a fully integrated platform of databases, engineering, analytics and governance. And we’re convinced that this helps to answer the urgent need to have a trusted source of high quality data.

The introduction of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform was a pivotal moment for us, as the CluedIn platform complements these pillars with a native Master Data Management (MDM) experience on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

It is therefore with great pleasure that on behalf of the whole CluedIn team, we can finally announce that CluedIn is now officially part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem.


What does this mean? We have always strived to be the most natural choice for Microsoft Azure data services customers who want to accelerate the process of turning raw data into meaningful insights. There is no shortage of powerful technologies and services in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Yet it remains the case that fueling data-driven initiatives is of low value and high risk of failure unless we can provide these teams with high quality, integrated, and governed data that is ready-for-insight. Many organizations we talk with, which are quite mature in their data journey, still talk of a common feeling that “something is missing".

CluedIn complements the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform technology stack by providing business users, data analysts and data stewards with powerful tooling for the delivery and management of data. We like to say internally that Azure Synapse and Azure Databricks are Data Engineering tools for IT, whereas CluedIn is the "Data Engineering" tool for non-IT users. Companies at a certain point in their data-driven journey have realised that making data available is little more than a milestone, and just the start of more complexity in the journey. This is why Data Governance has become so in demand over the last few years. Enterprises have realised that without the proper services, trust, lineage and details around the data, it does not yield the required value and often gets rejected by the business. At CluedIn, our job is to make data ready-for-insight.

We complement the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform technology stack with some of the missing pieces around Data Quality, Data Enrichment, Data Standardization and Data Preparation - all operated by non-IT users.


Most notably, with CluedIn added to the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, we can move the data closer to use by abstracting away systems, files, tables and assets - and move the discussion into "Domains" and "Data Products”. By the time that end consumers consume the data that has passed through CluedIn, a large number of the hurdles that often slow data projects down – like duplicate records and dirty data – have been removed.

The combination of CluedIn and the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform has already delivered proven results to joint customers including Sunwater, an Australian water service provider supplying commercial customers in the agriculture, urban and industrial sectors. “As a water services provider we’re committed to responding to our customers’ needs and managing the changing water environment,” said Carolyn Gray, GM Information and Data Services at Sunwater. “We recognize that establishing and maintaining high quality, fully governed data is vital to fuelling initiatives that improve the level of service we offer and empowering our employees. The combination of Microsoft Purview and CluedIn has already delivered results by allowing us to use our data more effectively and efficiently.”

CluedIn is one of the solutions that is well integrated with Microsoft ecosystem in the area of Master Data Management .For example, CluedIn provides a simple way for customers of Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) – which reached end of support in October 2021 - to migrate to CluedIn with as little disruption as possible.

For CluedIn customers, this commitment to the Azure ecosystem brings immense benefits, such as utilizing as many existing Microsoft investments as possible, while capitalizing on CluedIn for the parts of the data journey that it excels at.

It is no secret that the CluedIn team is doubling down on its strategy to provide an even more tightly integrated solution for Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. Our firm belief is that this is the right path for organisations that need to invest more time in creating value and driving business outcomes, and less in laborious, tactical data management. Now, who wouldn’t want to achieve that!

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By Tim Ward
Chief Executive Officer at CluedIn

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