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GraphQL vs SQL

White Papers


There is not a shortage of query languages available to be able to easily filter and sort through mountains of data. Naturally SQL is one of the more popular languages of choice, but as more and more languages evolve, we realise that these languages are purpose built to solve a particular part of the overall challenge of querying data.

Derivatives of SQL have evolved to give the same familiarity of SQL, but catering for operating on non traditional relational stores. kSQL, uSQL are just some examples of this. However it is worth mentioning that the relational store is only one of many different types of data stores. What is also apparent is that although SQL is familiar and adaptable, it really is still rooted in relational style querying. This is why languages like Cypher, Lucene and others have evolved - in that SQL really was not a good fit. But like SQL is not a good fit for querying Search and Graph stores, Cypher and Lucene are not suitable for querying relational stores.

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