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Microsoft Fabric and Purview Integration announced at Microsoft Ignite

This week, the annual Microsoft Ignite conference is taking place in Seattle. One of the main announcements to come out of the show is the General Availability of Microsoft Fabric, and an expansion of its governance and security capabilities through a tighter integration with Microsoft Purview.

As the preferred Master Data Management partner for Microsoft Azure customers, CluedIn is already fully integrated with both Microsoft Fabric and Purview. In combination with Microsoft Purview, we offer a unified, scalable, and transparent way to manage and drive insights from data. For Microsoft Fabric customers, we take raw data and make it ready for analysis by any tool in the Fabric suite. We also do this 80% faster than any other Master Data Management Platform on the market.

Bringing Microsoft Fabric and Purview together is the next natural step in helping businesses manage their end-to-end data estate with ultimate security, assurance, and accessibility. Microsoft Fabric is redefining how teams work with data by bringing everyone together on a single, AI-powered platform built for the era of AI. With Purview and CluedIn providing the pipeline of high-quality, trusted data needed to fuel Fabric, a new data and analytics powerhouse has emerged.

Here's a summary of what the combination of Microsoft Fabric and Purview has to offer:

  • Expanded governance and security capabilities:
    This integration allows for the manual application of Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels to classify sensitive Fabric data. Something that will already be familiar to Microsoft 365 users.
  • Simplified Audits and General Availability:
    Audits have been simplified with the automatic capture of user and system operations in Microsoft Purview audit logs. Both the sensitivity labels and the audit integration are now generally available.
  • Fabric Artifacts in Microsoft Purview Data Map:
    Fabric artifacts are being infused into the Microsoft Purview Data Map, which is automatically provisioned and attached to every Fabric instance. This feature requires no setup and allows users to browse and search Fabric and other assets in the Microsoft Purview Data Catalog.
  • Purview Hub:
    A centralized page called the Purview Hub, currently in public preview, has been created. This hub serves as a gateway to Purview and provides insights into item inventory, sensitive data, and endorsement.


"At CluedIn, we have made it our mission to provide Microsoft customers with the most familiar and intuitive way of preparing their data to fuel digital transformation initiatives.

We have been in sync with the development of both Microsoft Purview and Fabric every step of the way, and welcome the integration of these two solutions wholeheartedly. For Microsoft and CluedIn customers alike, this represents a new era in advanced data governance, analytics and AI."

Tim Ward
CEO and Co-Founder