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CluedIn University

Learn the CluedIn platform one step at a time, follow along as our data experts take you through all the steps to success with CluedIn.


Stand out in the data community as a CluedIn expert

Complete our CluedIn University course and become a CluedIn Certified developer.

You'll learn how to:

  • Install CluedIn locally and connect data
  • Extend the CluedIn platform
  • How to become a data MVP in your organisation


Become a Microsoft-certified CluedIn and Purview expert

By following this guided Microsoft Learn module, you'll learn how to  build a data technology stack that provides data governance, data quality, data lineage, data enrichment, and data standardization layers to your Azure ecosystem.

You'll also learn how to set up:

  • Automated scans on Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 into Microsoft Purview
  • Automated data pipelines from Azure Data Factory to CluedIn through assets registered in Microsoft Purview

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Build a Business Case for MDM

Discover how to build a business case for Master Data Management that delivers business outcomes.