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White Paper

Why is MDM quicker to implement on CluedIn, in Microsoft Azure?

White Paper


There is a reason why "time to value" is such a huge advantage when implementing technology. Time-to-value brings benefits such as:

Less time consuming cloud costs on something that is not live and actually providing value.

It is not a secret that CluedIn is 100% focused on being the most native Master Data Management solution on Microsoft Azure. In addition, it is not surprising that as part of this involves being the quickest solution to implement. At CluedIn, we have a key ethos we use to build CluedIn that has served us, our partners and our customers for sometime, which is to not focus on making parts of the MDM process simpler or better, but making it obsolete. This ethos has led to innovation such as the popular "zero-modelling" in CluedIn. We think this ethos is the key to making MDM much quicker to implement, as you could imagine, what is the fastest way to complete a task? It is to not even need to do it in the first place.


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