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Easy, code-free MDM with Azure OpenAI and CluedIn AI assistant

Reduce manual work by a factor of 50:1, and perform powerful data engineering without any technical expertise - just type out a command in any language, hit 'Enter' and let CluedIn master your data instantly.

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Impossible tasks.
Instant results.


Natural language processing

Give any business user the tools to instantly enrich, correct, validate and standardize data with conversational prompts in any language. No engineers needed - just tell CluedIn what you want to do and it's done.


Master data with an AI Assistant

Gain confidence in every decision you make with the industry’s most powerful AI Assistant. Validate your actions and benefit from intuitive corroboration of your findings.


Risk free automation

Automate easily, but never mysteriously. Receive detailed justifications on any AI actions, and instantly roll back any changes that you're not confident in.


Immediate data governance 

Input data policies directly into the platform and enforce them instantaneously.

Innovate faster and achieve ultimate agility with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and CluedIn

Get the data you need to drive innovation, reduce time to market
and gain competitive advantage.

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What do data leaders think of CluedIn and Azure OpenAI?

80% of the tasks I would have handed to IT, I can now do myself in one minute.


Fredrik Kestran
Team Lead, Data & Integration Development

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What's the latest?

Introducing the world's first AI Assistant for Master Data Management, powered by Azure OpenAI.

A powerful new way to:

  • Automate data governance
  • Fuel intelligent decision-making
  • Automate data integration
  • Easily enhance data quality

CluedIn and Microsoft Present: Master data effortlessly with CluedIn AI Assistant

The CluedIn AI Assistant has landed. Watch the full reveal and demonstration here.

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See how it works

Automate policies with AI


Using the CluedIn AI Assistant to manage data

Watch how easy it is to onboard, clean and standardize data in a matter of minutes. No code required!




Building Trust in Data with Azure OpenAI

AI powered automation can feel mysterious, but you need to trust your data. In this demo, we show you how CluedIn AI can steward data, explains it's decision making and even provide a match confidence.



Enrich, correct and validate data in seconds

In this video we set CluedIn a nearly impossible task-something that would take an experienced data engineer weeks to do, and show how it solves that challenge in less than 30 seconds.



Analyze large datasets instantly with CluedIn AI Assistant

In this quick demo, we show you how quickly CluedIn AI Assistant can help you to review and master large datasets in any language.

Automate policies with AI


Map and share data in minutes with CluedIn AI Assistant

In this demo, the CluedIn AI Assistant maps relationships between 100 records and creates a shareable stream in three minutes,




Build Golden Record rules instantly with CluedIn AI Assistant

In 90 seconds, CluedIn AI Assistant builds 21 Golden Record rules for a brand new dataset after only a natural language prompt.


Behind the scenes on AI

Why AI Assistants are the future of Master Data Management

"For thirty years, people needed to speak complex languages to work closely with data. The CluedIn AI Assistant offers a revolutionary new way to manage data using natural languages we all speak. That shift will democratize data and fundamentally changes the way that data can be used to create value."

Tim Ward, CEO

How much of a quantum leap is Master Data Management with Azure OpenAI?

"What seemed potentially achievable with...the best people in the industry, and endless budgets has now been packed up in a format that's ubiquitous, approachable, easy to interface with and easy to integrate with. So is the market ready for this? I don't think they know what's coming"

Tim Ward, CEO

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Frequently asked questions...

CluedIn has become the first Master Data Management (MDM) system to integrate with the Azure OpenAI service. As the most Azure-native MDM platform available, this latest development solidifies CluedIn’s position at the forefront of helping organizations to realize their data-driven ambitions on Microsoft Azure.

There are several benefits to integrating Azure OpenAI with CluedIn. The main advantages are speed and simplicity, as data management tasks like cleaning, standardizing, and enriching can be done in minutes - not days or weeks, and can be performed by anyone with a basic level of computer literacy. The reduction in manual work is also significant, as Azure OpenAI enhances CluedIn’s already significant automation capabilities. For example, with Azure OpenAI, CluedIn can perform proactive data cleansing and enrichment and suggest which business rules to create.

Additional benefits include automatic systems mapping and the ability to immediately enforce data governance policies as they are entered into the system. All of which will save organizations significant time, money and resources.

CluedIn is different because unlike other MDM platforms offering AI features, we have chosen not to develop our own AI engine but to partner with a general model that solves many diverse challenges. Azure OpenAI is currently showing results that radically outperform bespoke AI engines both in terms of reliability and results.

Also, because CluedIn is a Graph-based MDM platform that focuses on the relationships between the data as much as the data itself, this puts our customers in the best possible position to benefit from AI. AI can only give the right answer if the correct question is asked, and it needs context to deliver the level of accuracy required. For example, if you were searching for a particular individual with a common name, it’s unlikely that an AI engine would know which one you wanted. But if you could tell it that the individual is related to other people in the same organization, or once worked at a particular company, it is highly likely that the result will be correct.

Not at all. Azure OpenAI brings unprecedented speed and simplicity to the process of mastering your data, and it will give business users the power to perform tasks that would have previously only been possible with help from IT or Engineering teams. But it is not a replacement for these highly skilled roles, rather it will make their lives much easier and allow them to concentrate on other priorities and projects.

No. CluedIn is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, which means that your data remains in your own tenant. Azure OpenAI works by using a combination of deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, and other AI techniques to create powerful AI systems. Azure OpenAI does not use data submitted by customers via its API to train Azure OpenAI models or improve Azure OpenAI’s service offering.

The integration with Azure OpenAI is included in the latest release of CluedIn, available from early May 2023.

As with all CluedIn features, this integration is included in your license, the only extra cost will be Azure Consumption. During testing, we ran 100,000 queries at a cost of $112, which is pretty remarkable.

Yes, as of May 2023 the CluedIn Free Trial will include the Azure OpenAI integration. Find out more here: Free Trial of CluedIn on Azure Marketplace

Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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Inbuilt and high compression for low storage footprint

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