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Provide your business with powerful solutions

What challenges can you solve with CluedIn?

Save time and money to gain value from data

Data needs time to mature. Not with CluedIn.

There are many pillars of data management that need to mature data. The CluedIn Data Fabric provides these pillars and accelerates your data to the point where it is useable across your business.


  • All data projects require the same attention before it is useful
  • Move from legacy to modern with efficiency
  • Don't repeat the same work on the same data.

Unify Data

Other products give you a single view of master data in a domain, CluedIn gives way more insights with a complete of ALL your data.

CluedIn can help you integrate and blend data from across 100's or 1000's of data sources.


  • Simplify Data Integration.
  • Tackle those large integration challenges with ease.
  • Get value within weeks.

Build a Single View of Data

An automated knowledge graph of your data

Building a single view of data is the utopian of data. CluedIn can accelerate you to gain this view. 


  • Unlike most single-view platforms, CluedIn uses a Graph database.
  • Single view is not just about direct relationships but inferred connections.
  • Enrich your customer data.

Comply with data privacy regulations

Don't make privacy and afterthought.

CluedIn provides some of the largest brands with robust data privacy coverage. 


  • CluedIn detects personal data automatically.
  • CluedIn can fulfil your GDPR and CCPA needs.
  • CluedIn can give you the confidence you need to use your data, knowing you are not breaking privacy regulations. 

Master your Data

Get your most important data into the best shape it has ever been.

CluedIn has been proven to produce better results than traditional and leading MDM systems. 


  • Build an automatic knowledge graph from your data.
  • CluedIn has a data foundation that allows it to mature data better than traditional approaches.
  • Intuitively enrich your data with external validation services.

Fix Data Quality

CluedIn shows you how it has improved data quality over time justifying your investment.


  • Make Data Quality part of everyday life.
  • Raise your data quality in weeks.
  • Have proven audit trails that show that higher data quality gains higher results.

Fix your Data Lake

Make your data lake work harder for you by using CluedIn to fuel it with far more high quality data.

Data Lakes have not got the best reputation. But there is hope. CluedIn can be the layer sitting over your Data Lake to enable it to prove the value you always wanted.


  • The data lake is great for storing big files.
  • CluedIn is great at taking raw data and making it useful
  • CluedIn can add all the necessary pillars over your lake.

Let's solve some problems.


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