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Webinar: Virtual Hands-on Labs

CluedIn & Microsoft - The AI Advantage: Redefining Data Management

Leveraging CluedIn, Microsoft Fabric, Purview and Azure OpenAI to empower the business

Webinar at a glance

Tim Ward, CluedIn
Anthony Fourie, Microsoft


Who should listen:
Perfect for anyone that wants to learn how using CluedIn alongside Microsoft Fabric, Purview and Azure OpenAI is redefining data management.

Video summary:

Join CluedIn and Microsoft to learn how using Microsoft and CluedIn’s master data management platform - augmented by Azure OpenAI's advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities - can help organisations achieve more with their data.

Key topics that will be covered: 

  • Making data management easier for the business: Give any business user the tools to instantly enrich, correct, validate and standardize data with conversational prompts in any language.
  • Data Mapping: See how machine learning algorithms can map data from disparate sources, identifying and aligning similar data points with minimal human intervention.
  • Data Quality Validation and Correction: Use AI to automate and crack those hard problems with managing data 
  • Streamline Operations: Ensure data accuracy and consistency across all data estates 
  • Automate Data Workflows and Reduce Manual Errors: Learn how to use workflows to put processes behind Azure OpenAI data decisions