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Useful hints and how-tos to help solve the most common data management challenges


How your data can help you weather an economic storm

Accurate insights and business intelligence are essential to surviving periods of economic uncertainty, but can only add value when the data is dependable.

The cost of poor quality data and how to fix it

It has been reported by experts that poor data quality can cost businesses anywhere from 20% to 35% of their revenue. Discover the hidden costs and how MDM helps.

Microsoft promotes CluedIn to Top-Tier Partner Status

CluedIn has been awarded Top-Tier Partner status by Microsoft, the highest level partner designation.

How a solid data foundation helps you do more with less

Learn how to get the insights and outcomes you need by building a scalable and intelligent data foundation.


CluedIn v2022.10 now live

We are happy to announce that CluedIn v2022.10 is now live and available to install from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Thanks to the hard work of our Engineering team, CluedIn has never been more powerful.


Infographic: The path to Master Data Management success

Follow our five step guide to avoiding the most common Master Data Management pitfalls and ensure your project is primed for success from the start.


CluedIn joins the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the whole CluedIn team, we can finally announce that CluedIn is now officially part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem.


What is Augmented Data Management and why it matters?

Augmented Data Management realises the unfilled promise of what Master Data Management should have been. Find out how.


Why the time has come to retire your reference data

Find out why Reference Data is destined to become a relic of the past


The future of Master Data Management

Learn how modern Master Data Management is changing how companies use their data to inform business insights


Data Mesh: The Next Frontier in Master Data Management?

What is Data Mesh and how does it compare to modern Master Data Management?


Why your Data Management Platform should be cloud-native

What does it really mean to be cloud-native, and what benefits does it offer?


Six questions to ask to become a data-driven business

Want to become a data-driven business? Learn the six questions you need to answer first here.


Driving data science with a data quality pipeline

Learn how to consistently deliver the data you need to power your data science projects.


Breaking down the barriers to entry for MDM

Discover how a modern approach to Master Data Management can remove the traditional barriers to realising the true value of your data.


Goodbye Master Data Services...hello Modern Data Management!

Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) is now end of support. Discover what you could achieve by migrating to a modern, Azure-native MDM solution.


Solving the CSV/Excel driven organization

Is using Excel as a data management tool really such a bad thing? Not if you do it in the right way.


Activating Excel in the right way

Struggling to move away from using Excel as an operational datastore for master data? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered!


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