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Useful tips, insider knowledge and the latest data management news


Defensive vs. Offensive Data Governance Strategies

A comparison of the two strategic approaches to governing your data and why you need to strike a balance between both.


Key takeaways: The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Master Data Management Solutions

Get access to this exclusive report to learn how the market is changing, and what you should consider when selecting an MDM solution that best fits your business.


Why modern MDM is to MDM what lakehouses are to warehouses

What do Data Warehouses, Data Lakehouses, and modern Master Data Management have in common? More than you might think. Read on to discover why modern MDM is following a similar path to the Data Lakehouse in terms of how it is moving the market forward.


Microsoft makes data governance available to the business with free version of Microsoft Purview

Let’s take a look at what the free version offers, and explore the implications for master data management.

New release announcement - CluedIn 2023.07 now live (1)

CluedIn 2023.07 now live

Experience our newest release, which turbocharges data processing speeds by 4 times. We have also drastically minimized the memory requirements for data management, while implementing numerous refinements and enhancements to make this version of CluedIn our most agile and formidable yet.


Upfront versus Zero Upfront Data Modelling

Traditionally, upfront data modeling has been an essential prerequisite to any MDM project. This approach demands a significant amount of effort to design and structure data models before implementation. However, a newer method, known as zero upfront or dynamic modeling has emerged.


Microsoft Fabric and CluedIn: preparing your data for the era of AI together

Here, we outline what the key features of Microsoft Fabric, and how you can elevate its capabilities with fully integrated, high-quality data from CluedIn.


Graph versus Relational databases: which is best?

Relational databases have been the default choice for MDM platforms for many years, but the rise of the Graph database has shown that it is possible to get the data you need to provide insights and drive digital transformation more quickly than ever before. Read the article to find out more.


The past, present and future state of Master Data Management

MDM has come a long way since its inception in the 1990s and is now an essential discipline for managing and governing critical business data elements. We take a look at how we got to where are now, and what the future holds.


CluedIn 2023.04 is now live            

Our latest release is packed with features that will help you to code less, and achieve more. It is also joined by the launch of a brand new CluedIn training course on Microsoft Learn - making CluedIn the first ever Master Data Management platform to offer Microsoft-accredited training.


Announcing the CluedIn & Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service integration

CluedIn is now the first Master Data Management (MDM) system to integrate with Azure OpenAI service. As the most Azure-native MDM platform, this positions CluedIn as a leading solution for organizations pursuing data-driven goals on Microsoft Azure.


The role of AI in Master Data Management                                    

The potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the data management industry is staggering. But is it really the solution to all of Master Data Management’s problems?


Master Data Management for the Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals Industry

Traditional barriers to mastering data are a thing of the past, and there’s nothing to stop you from getting the data you need to deliver measurable impact.


Master Data Management for the Insurance Industry                          

The potential for Master Data Management to support better business outcomes for Insurance companies is substantial.


Data Governance and MDM. What is the difference and why do I need both?

Explore the similarities and differences between Data Governance and Master Data Management, and learn how to yield maximum value from your data estate by implementing both.


A Brief History of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a powerful suite of tools and services designed to help companies maximize the value of their data estate. Read about its origins here!


Data Leader Diaries: Eric Olsson, SpringWorks Therapeutics

Last month, we sat down with Eric Olsson, Director of Data and Analytics at SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc. to discuss all things Master Data Management and beyond.


Master Data Management for the Banking Industry

Learn more about data management challenges in the Banking Industry and why now is the time to tackle them.


How a solid data foundation helps you do more with less

Learn how to get the insights and outcomes you need by building a scalable and intelligent data foundation.


CluedIn v2022.10 now live

We are happy to announce that CluedIn v2022.10 is now live and available to install from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Thanks to the hard work of our Engineering team, CluedIn has never been more powerful.


Infographic: The path to Master Data Management success

Follow our five step guide to avoiding the most common Master Data Management pitfalls and ensure your project is primed for success from the start.


CluedIn joins the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the whole CluedIn team, we can finally announce that CluedIn is now officially part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem.


What is Augmented Data Management and why it matters?

Augmented Data Management realises the unfilled promise of what Master Data Management should have been. Find out how.


Why the time has come to retire your reference data

Find out why Reference Data is destined to become a relic of the past.


The future of Master Data Management

Learn how modern Master Data Management is changing how companies use their data to inform business insights.


Data Mesh: The Next Frontier in Master Data Management?

What is Data Mesh and how does it compare to modern Master Data Management?


Why your Data Management Platform should be cloud-native

What does it really mean to be cloud-native, and what benefits does it offer?


Six questions to ask to become a data-driven business

Want to become a data-driven business? Learn the six questions you need to answer first here.


Driving data science with a data quality pipeline

Learn how to consistently deliver the data you need to power your data science projects.


Breaking down the barriers to entry for MDM

Discover how a modern approach to Master Data Management can remove the traditional barriers to realising the true value of your data.


Master Data Services to Modern Data Management!

Discover what you could achieve by migrating to a modern, Azure-native MDM solution.


Solving the CSV/Excel driven organization

Is using Excel as a data management tool really such a bad thing? Not if you do it in the right way.


Activating Excel in the right way

Struggling to move away from using Excel as an operational datastore for master data? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered!


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