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Data Quality

The number one challenge in the data landscape is due to lack of visibility and control over data quality. Not anymore.

Data Quality Metrics

Full control over your entire data landscape.

Visibility at your fingertips.

With CluedIn, there is less manual work and more automatic recognition of data that needs attention. Any user can clean and address data issues. There is no need to be data expert or data engineer to fix your data quality issues.


  • A Business-Centric User Experience 

  • Business-Driven Workflows

  • Interactive Visualisations 


By 2022, 70% of organizations will rigorously track data quality levels via metrics, increasing data quality by 60% to significantly reduce operational risks and costs.
Melody Chein, Saul Judah, Ankush Jain

Let the solution come to you.

Not the other way around.

We streamline and systematise the process of preparing data. We track the data quality levels so you can see the impact of your work.  


  • Clean any Domain Object

  • Includes Parsing, Standardising & Cleaning

  • Automatic Data Profiling 

  • Scalable and Efficient

  • Standardize data values and remediate errors with smart NLP algorithms.
Standardize Data
Automated Data Quarantine

Focus on the data that needs attention.

Automated Data Quarantine.

Don't let bad records slow down the rest, CluedIn will quarantine data in a sandbox environment so you can reactively clean the data and get it back into operation as fast as possible. 


  • Rule based quarantine.
  • Anomoly Detection.
  • Automatic cleaning rules.

Make Quality Part of Everything.

Quality Metrics you can't ignore.

Data Quality is available in all different parts of CluedIn so you can easily measure the impact of your cleaning work.


  • Data Quality Impact Analysis.
  • Track Data Quality trends over time.
  • Set KPI's of what Data Quality you would like to achieve, let CluedIn take over the process of getting you there. 
Set Data Quality KPI
Create Your Own Data Metrics

Extensible. Flexible.

Track the data quality metrics that are important to you.

Although CluedIn ships with 17 different Data Quality metrics, you may want to to track certain parts of your data for data quality. Our extensible platform allows you to do this. 


  • Make everything measurable. 
  • Give trust to your business that you are fuelling them with great data.
  • Get a birds-eye view of your data, or dive in close to see detailed data quality information.

Systemise Data Quality.

As you clean data, unleash it to your business.

The world doesn't sleep and either should your data. CluedIn streamlines the entire process of getting clean data into production as soon as it is ready. No publishing, no moving of data. 


  • Realtime support for streaming clean data.
  • Forecast when you will hit your Data Quality KPI's.
  • Delegate data cleaning jobs to different Data Stewards.
Systemise Data Quality

Want to know your company data quality?


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