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Master Data

Your most valuable data is waiting to become more valuable.

CluedIn is a recommended platform for MDM projects on Azure.

Solid cloud foundation, with smart software.

Build your Master Data foundation on strong shoulders. 



Removing all the hurdles of traditional MDM technology

Delivering everything you would ever want from a Master Data solution


Forget traditional MDM, it is old news.


  • Graph Driven Modelling

  • Augmented Data Management

  • No restrictions in types of Domains or type of data.

  • With a user experience your team will love


Build the golden record you have always dreamed of

Networks of connected data

Explore every channel, every touchpoint, every connection.


  • Active Metadata Management 

  • Applied Data Valuation 

  • Business Rules 

  • Business Semantics 


By 2020, most data and analytics use cases will require connecting to distributed data sources, leading enterprises to double their investments in metadata management.
Guido De Simoni

Give your data a better chance

The world is much bigger than your data

CluedIn will automatically enrich data from online sources to improve the trust and usability of your data.


  • Complex Deployments 

  • Data Enrichment 

  • Data Inventory 

  • Data Lineage and Impact Analytics

Automatically Enriched Data
Guided data management experience

Enterprise Governance

Guiding your master data journey

Mastering data is made up of many fundamental steps and processes. CluedIn guides you through the care that needs to be given to your data.


  • Metadata Exchange 

  • Support for Security 

  • User Experience 

  • Workflow Management 

  • Data Governance 

Flexible Modelling

Graph based modelling for ultimate flexibility

You will never build a model that will cater for everything single use case, so why are we all doing that in our Master Data Management systems then?


  • Data Modeling 

  • Data Stewardship 

  • Hierarchy Management 

  • Semantics Layers

Flexible Data Modelling
Handle Any Domain

Handle any domain

Don't model your data for what your world looks like today, do it for what it will be at any point in time.

MDM has always been about focussing on models such as Customers, Products and Transactions. Why limit yourself when you don't need to anymore?


  • Loading/Sync/Business Services. 

  • Multiple Domain and Multidomain 

  • Multiple Implementation Style 

  • Multiple Usage Scenarios 

  • Perform/Scale/Availability

  • Workflow/BPM 


Be the master, of your master data.


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