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An introduction to MDM-augmented data governance (feat. Mattang)

  26 minutes

Video at a glance

Kaeyo Mayne, CluedIn
Michael Kleinhaus, Mattang


Who should listen:
Any data leader wanting to learn more about how AI and Large Language Models have transformed the way businesses can approach data governance in 2023.

Video summary:

In this session, presented by CluedIn and VENZO, we discuss the data governance landscape in 2023

Over thirty minutes, you'll learn:

  1. How to build a social infrastructure alongside technology to support your data governance strategy 
  2. How AI and Large Language Models have created a level playing field for data governance
  3. How to overcome business ambivalence around data governance (before the business feels the ramifications of poor governance)
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About Mattang

Partnering with CluedIn and Microsoft, Mattang delivers a modern master data management solution bringing clarity, unity, and long-term value to our client's data. Our software engineering teams use modern, agile development processes to ensure maximum data synergy.

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