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About Mattang

At Mattang, we are data experts who know how to navigate data. This means every day our mission is to help our clients unleash the power of their data and achieve rapid value and ROI.

Our experts are trained to support your project at all stages of the data voyage. Our clients achieve value quickly because CluedIn’s groundbreaking platform allows the use of modern agile development methods to integrate data successfully.

We succeed because we understand master data management is a journey, a voyage and we will guide you at every stage and at every step along the way.

At Mattang, we provide implementation services to our clients needing advanced data governance and master data solutions. Our expertise in all areas of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and Microsoft Fabric enables us to understand our customer's hardest problems, but Mattang's specialization in implementing CluedIn gives us the unique ability to provide unmatched mastery of the complete data landscape.

           - John Fitzpatrick, Mattang Founder & CEO

Mattang and CluedIn

After years of searching for a solution to solve the biggest problem every company with information systems has ... disconnected distributed data ... we found CluedIn!

With the concept of Eventual Connectivity, CluedIn solved the biggest problem every other MDM solution has by allowing MDM initiatives to start small with one data source and grow over time to eventually include hundreds of sources.

This allows companies using CluedIn to minimize the time to value and maximize their ROI by mastering their business semantic data vocabulary allowing automated data ingestion, AI-powered data cleansing, advanced fuzzy merging, and unification of all data sources.

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"When we selected CluedIn as our Master Data Management and centralized Customer Data Platform system, we knew we needed a world class implementation partner to guide and provide the resources needed to configure and develop that technology.

Mattang has delivered on those fronts but has become more...a true trusted partner.

With the revolutionary nature of how data is modeled and managed in CluedIn, we rely on Mattang to recommend the design we use to model our data consistent with graph database principles and to deliver on our joint vision.

Mattang provides an end-to-end solution from the conception of each of our data projects, through the design, development, and execution of those projects.

Their team is not just a collection of technical developers, they approach each project with a deep understanding of the business objectives driving the project and unfailingly recommend and deliver solutions that improve the outcomes.

The consistent professionalism and commitment I have witnessed in the Mattang team since early 2021 is truly out of the ordinary. I know they share our values, including “Care Hard” and “Good Enough is Never Enough.”

And I trust that Mattang will strive to provide solutions that are right the first time, will grow with our business, and that enable us to deliver on our commitments to our patients and customers."

Eric Olsson
Sr. Director, Enterprise Information Management