Join our Team!

CluedIn is what it is because of its team. 


Customer Success

Everything...everything is customer driven.

Our customer knows more about the solutions than we will ever know. We want customer focussed team-mates that think about nothing but the success of our customers.


  • A desire in seeing solutions and happy customers.
  • A drop everything and please attitude.
  • Spend time with our customers and partners.

Detailed Job Description

As a financial controller, you will be managing the financial operations of CluedIn - making sure we can grow with confidence.


  • Native English.
  • Many years experience of writing technical documentation.
  • Ability to build diagrams and visual representations of concepts.


  • Ability to generate professional audio and video content.
  • Video / Audio editing skills.
  • Ability to speak at conferences and marketing events.

Think there is a job missing here that has your name on it?

CluedIn will always have a place for people that want to solve the worlds biggest data challenges.