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Winning the business over on the value of MDM (feat. VENZO)

  28 minutes

Video at a glance

Christina Judsen, CluedIn
Nikolaj Andersen, VENZO


Who should listen:
Any data professional that's seeking internal support for a data transformation project.

Video summary:

In this session, presented by CluedIn and VENZO, we'll show your how to pitch the value of CluedIn master data management to leaders in your business. 

Over thirty minutes, you'll learn:

  1. How CluedIn can lift the burden of data management from IT teams and empower business users with insight-ready data 
  2. Which processes can help you to effectively anchor master data management into your business
  3. How features like zero up-front modelling and Azure OpenAI/Microsoft Power Platform integrations streamline business adoption


VENZO offers a unique consultancy combination of business strategists and technology champions. We help some of the biggest companies in Denmark with solving complex problems and unleashing their digital potential. Our consultants lead digital change with cutting edge technologies and change management principles.

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