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Hierarchy vs Graph: understanding the differences (feat. adesso)

  22 minutes

Video at a glance

Aleksandar Kova, CluedIn
Sören Gemeinhardt, CluedIn
Andreas Kolb, adesso
Robert Szymandera, adesso


Who should listen:
Any data leader that's trying to find the best database solution to support their supply chain of data.

Video summary:

In this session, presented by CluedIn and VENZO, we discuss the differences between hierarchical and graph-based databases.

Over thirty minutes, you'll learn:

  1. The strengths and limitations of hierarchical databases
  2. The strengths and limitations of graph-based databases
  3. Which solution you should choose depending on your data supply chain needs
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About adesso

With more than 8.500 employees on 63 sites, the adesso Group are a leading IT service provider in the German-speaking area and provide innovative ideas, forward-looking strategies and perfectly tailored IT solutions to customers in 10+ industries.

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