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Demystifying Microsoft Dataverse (feat. VENZO)

  29 minutes

Video at a glance

Aleksandar Kovacevic, CluedIn
Matt Jenkins, CluedIn
Daniel Asrup, VENZO


Who should listen:

- Business professionals, decision-makers, and individuals exploring database tools.

- IT professionals interested in the integration between Microsoft Dataverse and CluedIn.

- Organizations and individuals in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Video summary:

In just 30 minutes, our knowledgeable speakers covered three key topics:

  1. What the Microsoft Dataverse is, how it fits into the Microsoft Power Platform and how it compares to other database tools.
  2. How Microsoft Dataverse seamlessly integrates with CluedIn and the wider Microsoft ecosystem, as well as the benefits of native integration.
  3. Finally, real-world success stories of how VENZO clients have operationalized  Microsoft Dataverse for measurable business benefits.

About Venzo

VENZO offers a unique consultancy combination of business strategists and technology champions. We help some of the biggest companies in Denmark with solving complex problems and unleashing their digital potential. Our consultants lead digital change with cutting edge technologies and change management principles.

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