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Eric Olsson - Director of Data and Analytics

The Director of Data and Analytics at the disruptive biopharmaceutical company SpringWorks Therapeutics discusses the reality of Modern MDM solutions, how to build a digital-first culture as data leaders and the impact of SpringWorks Therapeutics' ongoing work with CluedIn.

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Carolyn Gray - GM Information & Data Services

Sunwater is building a modern Enterprise Data and Analytics Service hosted on Microsoft Azure. See how CluedIn and Microsoft Purview are driving efficiency and transparency for Sunwater.


Martin Vikkelsø- Senior Sales Engineer

Sitecore is a leading technology company where the customer is key. Learn how they built a single view of their customer utilising the CluedIn platform. Sitecore now have a way to utilise customer data from every channel.

Danske Bank

Rob de Ridder - EVP Customer Service Delivery

Data is king at Danske Bank and platforms like CluedIn are key to gaining control over a bank that moves at the speed of light. When data is a key asset at the bank, compliance and data governance is a number one priority.


Thomas Falk III - Senior IT Consultant

Innovation is fundamental at SAP and modern data platforms are key to this movement. The largest companies in the world use CluedIn to gain key insights into their data.


Søren Klein - Business Intelligence Tech Lead

Veteran Data Architects see the huge potential in the CluedIn approach to data. Traditional approaches can solve traditional problems. Innovation comes with embracing modern data platforms.


Ewan Macleod - Chief Digital Officer

Platforms like CluedIn are key to getting the best out of data. Innovators like Nordea look to data platforms to give them a foundation to provider their customers with the best insights into their customers.


Troels - Solution Engineer

Microsoft are leaders in technology. but see the clear value of platforms like CluedIn to give a holistic view of the data across large and complex enterprises like Microsoft.


Rikke Blix Hagemann - Industry Manager

Tools like CluedIn are the missing piece in every single data project. Without CluedIn, your data projects will struggle. Despite the cloud provider, there are some core pillars of data management that are needed.

Saxo Bank

Bergur Ziska - Global Head of Data Architecture

CluedIn provides Saxo Bank with a sophisticated access to data that sits across their business. Compliance and privacy is key to the bank and it enables them to accelerate with their data in an ethical way.


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