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Building a Single View of your Data

Before data yields its value, it needs to be connected and unified. 

Don't let others tell you to limit your imagination because of complexity.

Automated data integration

Manual Integration is the #1 reason why you have not achieved your single view.

Traditional approaches to Data Integration dictate that you tell a technology how data is connected. CluedIn's automated Data Integration patterns removes this hurdle and does the work to connect data for you.

Augmented Enrichment

CluedIn has support for over 30+ external data sources, allowing for automated enrichment of records with high confidence.

Augmented Enrichment

Automate Matching, Merging and Reconciliation

Traditional Data Merging requires you to manually manage weights and matching algorithms. CluedIn has a proven track record of out-performing leading Data Quality systems by 12:1 in detecting duplicates correctly.

Automate Hierarchies

Build networks of relationships between records as to manage relationships in your data.

Automate Hierarchies
Limitless Modelling

Limitless Modelling

There is no such thing as the perfect domain model. Your data always changes and hence your model will change as well. Don't let traditional systems and approaches limit your ability to adapt to the real world. Your data doesn't stand still and either should you. 

Standardise your Metadata

CluedIn can help you standardise your meta data so you can see your master data in a way that makes sense for you. 

Standardise Metadata
Supports any type of data

Supports any types of data.

Whether is is email, chat, social or files. CluedIn supports unifying and connecting data that is structured, semi-structured or unstructured.


CluedIn utilises modern approaches to be the best in class at forming a single view of your data.


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