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January 16th, 2024  |  3 min read

CluedIn unveils next-generation Master Data Management (MDM) powered by AI

New CluedIn AI Assistant helps organizations to integrate data 60% faster, validate and deduplicate data 50% quicker, and improve overall data quality by 30%

CluedIn today announced that its new release is now available in private preview with an anticipated GA date of early 2024. The latest version represents another significant leap forward in reinforcing CluedIn’s position as the most advanced MDM system available, in terms of both enabling domain experts and accelerating the process of extracting value from enterprise data.

Your personal MDM assistant

In an industry first, CluedIn now includes an AI Assistant feature to support data stewards, engineers, and domain experts with the day-to-day management and operationalization of data. The CluedIn AI Assistant will help with the generation of rules, mapping, and providing additional context to specific pieces of data. CluedIn customers can also expect AI-aided generation of deduplication rules and project recommendations in the near future. Learn more about how the CluedIn AI Assistant could help you save days of manual effort and aid in bridging the data literacy gap here.

The new release builds on CluedIn’s commitment to pioneering the use of Generative AI in MDM, as demonstrated by the announcement that CluedIn was the first MDM vendor to integrate with Azure OpenAI in April 2023.

Advanced Graph-based capabilities

In addition to its AI capabilities, CluedIn is the only MDM platform based on Graph, which means that our customers benefit from greater agility and scalability when creating data models. Graph readily accepts that every record could have its own structure, unique keys, and relationships to other records, and will allow the natural data model to emerge as new records are ingested.

The new version of CluedIn expands these capabilities by allowing users to edit and customize Graphs on an as-needed basis, thus increasing the agility and flexibility of managing complex data relationships.

Superior survivorship rules

Survivorship refers to the method of determining which value should be included in a Golden Record from several different potential values. The new CluedIn offers advanced provisions for applying survivorship rules that either apply to an entire record or a single vocabulary key. These include (but are not limited to) Latest manual record wins, Last modified record wins and Record with most frequent values wins.


Automated and AI assisted workflow mapping

CluedIn has always strived to dramatically reduce the time it takes to extract value from operational data. Its latest iteration builds on this commitment by introducing advanced automation and AI features to help speed up the process of onboarding and mapping data. This includes the ability to generate rules automatically as part of the mapping process, amongst other capabilities.

Enhanced data set profiling

Finally, CluedIn customers will now benefit from expanded data set profiling in the form of profiling on each key before mapping, giving improved data visibility earlier in the process.

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