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April 12th, 2023  |  5 min read

Announcing the CluedIn & Microsoft Azure OpenAI service integration

Business users now able to complete 80% of data engineering tasks that would have required support from technology teams

Today, we announced that CluedIn has become the first Master Data Management (MDM) system to integrate with the Azure OpenAI service. As the most Azure-native MDM platform available, this development is the latest in a series of advancements that puts CluedIn at the forefront of helping organizations to realize their data-driven ambitions on Microsoft Azure. 

The integration of CluedIn with Azure OpenAI's advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities means that business and technical users alike can now clean, standardize and enrich their data in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days. During internal testing, data management tasks that would once have taken 25 – 30 hours to complete were performed in under 30 minutes, including verification of results.

From its inception, the CluedIn platform has been designed to give greater autonomy to business users by taking a low/no-code approach to helping them understand their data. With OpenAI, business users now have even greater power to do what would previously have only been possible with the support of IT and Engineering teams. 

“The first task we had to solve would have taken my team AT LEAST 10 hours. We solved it in 30 seconds.”

 Fred Kestran,
Team Lead Data & Integration Development at Svevia.


Examples of what the combination of CluedIn & OpenAI deliver include:

  1. Data quality: CluedIn has always been able to find data that needs addressing and automatically correct and standardize addresses, phone numbers, and more. With OpenAI, this process is dramatically extended and enhanced, as it will proactively find data that needs to be addressed on a continuous basis and actively standardize data according to the business rules you have set or which have been suggested by OpenAI.

  2. Data democratization: Due to the natural language processing abilities of OpenAI, anyone with a basic level of computer literacy can now integrate, clean, enrich and interrogate data in full accordance with data protection and privacy regulations.

  3. Data integration: CluedIn is the only MDM platform to offer limitless data source integration and zero upfront modeling. The OpenAI integration takes this further, as it completely removes the need to map systems by allowing you to add a list of data models that OpenAI will automatically map to each other.

  4. Data governance: With the Open AI integration, CluedIn can now take data policies and automatically enforce them as they are entered into the system. OpenAI also explains every data-related decision, bringing a level of assurance to MDM, as users are consulted if the automation is not confident with its transformation. 

“The potential of what AI can bring to the data management industry is limitless, and while we have seen some advances in this area already it simply doesn’t compare to what OpenAI brings to CluedIn.

Tasks that took weeks or months now take minutes or seconds, all with the validation and assurance that businesses need when it comes to data quality. In addition, the real beauty of this affiliation is that AI comes into its own when it has the right context and is asked the correct question. As a Graph-based, agile platform, CluedIn can provide precisely that.” 

Tim Ward,
CEO and co-founder of CluedIn.


About CluedIn

CluedIn is the Graph-based, Azure-native Master Data Management (MDM) platform that accelerates the process of delivering data for digital transformation. Our use of augmented data management methods such as zero modeling and eventual connectivity allow us to deploy 80% faster than traditional MDM platforms. Our Azure OpenAI integration means that manual work is reduced by a factor of 50 to 1 and 80% of the tasks that would once have been performed by technology teams can now be achieved by business users. Together, these powerful techniques deliver ultimate speed and automation, allowing our customers to gain an unmatched competitive advantage.

CluedIn is available via the Azure marketplace as part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and delivers the pipeline of clean, secure, and scalable data your business needs to fast-track its data-driven projects. 


By Natasha Scott
Head of Demand Generation at CluedIn

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