Why is Graph "key" to the modern MDM movement?

It is widely known that implementing Master Data Management programs is hard, really hard. There is no silver bullet that makes the entire program easy, but choices in technology can make certain parts of the program much simpler and easier. Is there a possibility that we have been running Master Data Management programs wrongly for the last 15 years? I would say that we have not been running it wrongly, but it is not unlikely that technology has advanced enough that MDM is now simpler to implement and meeting the more modern needs of the current day enterprise. One of the fundamental changes that we think have shifted the market and approach to MDM is the introduction of technology doing more for you, that was typically asked of you. When is the last time you worried about backing up your files? You don't, technology solved that. When is the last time you manually categorised folders on your computer? You don't, technology solved that. Hence, it is not hard to believe that a change and evolution has happened in MDM where we can say that technology has once again solved it.


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