Why have I never achieved the 360 view of our customer?

We have all asked for it. Many of us have spent an inordinate amount of money on trying to achieve it, yet I am still to see a single enterprise business have a proper single view of their customer. Why? Because the products that we are using to achieve this were sold to us on the idea that this product will get you to get this 360 view, where it should have been sold as “this makes it possible” to get a single view of the customer. What wasn’t sold to you was that to achieve the single view of the customer is extremely hard and a lot of ongoing work and in many cases something that these products don’t really “help” with.

What is the single view of the customer? I think most would agree that it is every record across many systems that is related to this customer. It could be transactions, social media, emails, meetings. The common issues with forming this single view is that the customer is not created equally. There will be different IDs that exist for your customer across systems and some will be old and irrelevant, others will be newer and more up to date and reliable. There are also other key issues...


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