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Why do I not trust our company data?

Like many enterprises, you most likely doubt the trust in your data. The affect is that you no longer then rely on the data to help you make decisions. In business, it is not uncommon to hear that as soon as you make one mistake, it could ruin the reputation of your business for a very long time - potentially impossible to bring it back. The same happens in the world of data. As soon as someone can prove that the source data does not reflect the end use case e.g. a report is out of sync with the source data - the trust is lost and it is very hard to get it back.

This is a dangerous paradigm as we go from using reports and business intelligence that allowed us to make estimations of insights to having absolutely nothing. In the meantime we are paying for expensive tools to essentially generate “insights” that no-one in the business is using or trusting.


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