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What data do I send to CluedIn?

In the area of Master Data Management, tradition has taught us that there is only a certain type of data that belongs in an MDM system. There are actually good reasons for this, but these reasons are starting to fade.

In the world of CluedIn, the right way to ask the question of 'what data belongs in
CluedIn?' is actually to ask 'What data needs the attention of CluedIn?'.

Essentially, if your data needs to be cleaned, cataloged, normalised, enriched, governed, deduplicated and mastered then it belongs in CluedIn.

There are many times at CluedIn where we have worked with transactional,
unstructured and semi-structured data that meets these requirements. However there are many cases where transactional and high velocity data does not make sense to be persisted and processed through CluedIn. A good compromise that we find is to join the data in CluedIn with the non-CluedIn data on the way out of CluedIn with its streaming functionality.


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