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Accelerate CluedIn adoption by allowing business users to get started with CluedIn

We have some exciting new features that are now available in CluedIn 3.2.
The two key features are the introduction of rules and streams. When you add these together, we can create some very powerful workflows.

We’ve done a lot of work around allowing you to create rules to fix any bad data that has been ingested and how to also fix historic data that may also need to be cleaned.

You can now easily set up and import a stream of external data, map that external data into CluedIn entities, simply create an export target and then stream a selection of properties to that target.

Getting Started: https://cluedin-io.github.io/Releases/3.2/
Release Notes: https://cluedin-io.github.io/Releases/3.2/latest.html


See how CluedIn v3.2 is helping companies become fully Data-Driven.