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Unify Data Across your Entire Data Landscape

CluedIn has cracked the hardest challenge in data management - how to unify data from across complex systems and data sources in an automated way.

Prebuilt Connectors

100's of prebuilt connectors that are ready to go.

ELT based connectors that ingest data without the need for upfront transformation. CluedIn scales to the biggest data loads at a rate that suits your budget.

Automatic Data Blending

CluedIn automates the process of blending data so you can spend much less time on maintaining data flows and much more time on utilising this data.

Automatic Data Blending
Standardise Data

Standardise Data

CluedIn realises that, typically, your data landscape is a mess. Things are named inconsistently, column names made sense when you created them but no longer do. CluedIn will allow you to build semantic layers over your data so you can patch the old world and join us in the modern landscape.

Graph-based modelling, supports all use cases.

CluedIn utilises multiple different database types to model and process your data. For building a unified set of data, the Graph is critical to this. Think of it like this - CluedIn builds a knowledge graph from any source data - no matter the structure. This raises the fidelity of your data to the highest point possible.

Graph-based Modelling
Data Streaming

Stream data to any system

CluedIn makes it easy to push data to operational systems, business intelligence and machine learning tools to enable the data that your business has.


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