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Case Study Compilation:
Companies that have benefited from implementing MDM

Our client portfolio features some of the most innovative companies in their sector, all who have used CluedIn Master Data Management (MDM) to deliver truly remarkable business value.

In this article, we’ll delve into our trove of client stories and showcase real-world case studies of organizations that have benefitted with a successful MDM deployment.

Svevia: Working smarter, not harder

 Svevia is Sweden’s largest road operation and maintenance company. Their 1,900+ employees are responsible for delivering essential nationwide services like road maintenance, construction, land remediation and much more.


Svevia’s HR team managed three separate, but active systems to create and manage employee data. These systems were unconnected, and commonly contained employee data that would either be missing from, or completely contradict data found in counterpart systems.

This caused two problems. 

Firstly, it limited the productivity of Svevia’s HR team, who were forced to constantly switch between different systems to find essential information, and regularly battled with either missing or incorrect information. 

Secondly, many downstream systems consume employee data from these systems, but were unable to operationalize that data effectively without a single source of truth.


Through CluedIn, Svevia were able to ingest and centralize all employee data in one place for the first time.

With a stable data foundation in place, they were then able to build a custom API to sit on top of CluedIn and give all downstream systems – existing and future – one place to go for accurate employee information.


The immediate benefit of this work is a more productive and efficient HR Team who, in turn, have been able to deliver a better service to Svevia employees. But that’s just the start. 

An unexpected benefit of centralized employee data is that Svevia’s data has become transparent for the first time – both in terms of quality, and also the impact that missing data has on other business tools/functions. 

This has led Svevia to build a data product roadmap, which they continue to follow to this day.

One branch of this roadmap involves Svevia’s long-term ESG strategy, where CluedIn will be used to help map their current Scope 3 emissions footprint. 

Take fuel, for example. Svevia has many partners which measure the fuel they use in their day to day operations. However, each partner uses a different name to describe essentially the same fuel. 

Using CluedIn to standardize these different names/types, Svevia will be better equipped to measure their downstream carbon footprint and continue their sustainability journey with a stronger understanding of where they are today.

NORDEN: Saving millions in fuel costs

NORDEN is one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping companies. Across 13 offices and 6 continents, they provide dry cargo and product tanker services to customers worldwide.


NORDEN sits on a data gold mine. While running their fleet of 15,000 cargo vessels, NORDEN collects raw operational data across 9.4 billion data points. 

If analyzed effectively, this data could uncover vessel performance improvements that boost fuel efficiency and save NORDEN millions. 

The trouble is that it's nearly impossible to manually standardize or verify the quality of so much data at source. Without the tools to improve data quality, remove duplicates or verify data accuracy, NORDEN couldn't unlock the full potential of their data.


NORDEN realized that they couldn’t master their existing data immediately. Instead, they had to make sure that all new data was free of issues, so that they’d avoid spending all of their time fixing data instead of analyzing it. 

A challenging task with traditional MDM tools, however CluedIn is able to ingest data with zero upfront modelling required. 

That meant that NORDEN could immediately start centralizing data from five critical domains – over 10,000 entities - into a CluedIn instance on NORDEN’s secure Azure estate so it could be profiled, and dynamically scored. 

This has given NORDEN an empirical measure of their data quality for the first time, and allowed them to automatically identify and fixed data issues at source with governance policies. 


The speed of the project has also been a catalyst for data-driven transformation within NORDEN. According to Gartner (2021), 75% of master data management projects are unsuccessful because they fail to connect project value to business value. 

Unlike those projects, NORDEN's project team were flooded with requests from department heads after just one internal showcase of how quickly CluedIn ingested and dynamically scored data. 

With so much buy-in, NORDEN's master data management project team's continue their work to deliver project ROI through data-driven vessel efficiency insights.

SpringWorks Therapeutics: Delivering a successful commercial launch with data

SpringWorks is biotechnology company that specializes in identifying, developing, and commercializing therapies for underserved patients that suffer from rare diseases and cancers.


SpringWorks were preparing for the FDA approval and commercial launch of their innovative treatment for rare desmoid tumors.

With such a niche product, their sales and marketing teams needed a targeted list of Healthcare Professional leads that would be interested in their new treatment and might become customers.

To start the process, SpringWorks purchased over 20,000,000 external records.

While they could operationalize some of this data easily, the majority had varying schema and needed refinement and standardization before it could inform a go-to-market strategy.


SpringWorks fed all 20,000,000 records into CluedIn, and used it to enrich those records with data pulled from medical blog posts, journals, and industry events.

This made it possible to identify healthcare professionals that treat the type of rare desmoid tumor that SpringWorks’ new treatment targets.


The result is a refined, master list of 2 million healthcare professionals that specialize in the exact rare tumors that the new SpringWorks treatment targets.

The master list has since been utilized by SpringWorks to develop a highly targeted go-to-market strategy and successful commercial launch of their innovative rare desmoid tumor treatment.


Modern Master Data Management is not just about consolidating data; it's about transforming the way enterprises view, handle, and derive value from their most crucial asset.

By addressing a myriad of data challenges, from quality to security to governance, modern MDM paves the way for enterprises to truly harness the power of their data, driving innovation, efficiency, and growth. As data complexities continue to grow, the role of MDM in navigating these challenges becomes even more pivotal.

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