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How to justify these costs?

Flexible Deployment

CluedIn can be hosted in all types of environments, whether that is cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of this.


Benefits: Flexibility

Scale Up and Down

CluedIn uses Kubernetes to scale different parts of the application up and down to cater for higher data loads and to scale to your costs.

Benefits: Flexibility

Start Small and Grow

CluedIn is designed so that you can start small with your project and grow as your ambitions with data do. 

Benefits: Lower costs, lower risk.

Data Ingestion

With prebuilt and open source connectors to common data sources, you will be ingesting data quicker and have a framework for easily building new integrations when needed.


Benefits: Lower complexity

Data Push

CluedIn accepts data pushed to it via all types of platforms including Azure Data Factory, Apache NIFI or by simply pushing JSON data to our REST API endpoints.


Benefits: Flexibility

Data Integration

Hands down, CluedIn has the most scalable, simple and approachable Data Integration pattern on the market. What we see is that when your project grows to approximately 50 tables or more - other ETL tools break down in complexity and CluedIn scales linearly. 

Benefits: Simplicity, Scale, Dramatically Lower Costs

Less Architecture and Modelling

Due to CluedIn's integration pattern, there is much less need for expensive Enterprise Architects and much more automation in Master Data modelling. 

Benefits: Lower Costs

Get a great compliance story

Although Master Data might be your focus, having a good data privacy and compliance story is important. Think of this as icing on the cake of your CluedIn investment.

Benefits: Higher Data Compliance

Move Data Cleaning away from IT

Large parts of the preparation and cleaning of data can be handled by the business. 


Benefits: Lower Costs

Detect Duplicate Data Easier

CluedIn's Graph Based, Deterministic and Probabilistic Duplicate Detection leads to a more self-driving engine or merging and linking of records.

Benefits: Less Maintenance

Self Evolving Rules Engine

Have CluedIn build business rules based off cleaning exercises.


Benefits: Less Maintenance


Prepare datasets before they are even requested and save time in adhoc requests.


Benefits: Increase your data use

Unlimited Users

You will not be and never be restricted by the number of users in CluedIn.


Benefits: No limits of ambition.

Unlimited Data

There is no limit to the amount of data and the amount of data sources you would like to add to your CluedIn account.


Benefits: No limits of ambition.


Unlimited Use Cases

There is no limit to the amount of data and the amount of data sources you would like to add to your CluedIn account.


Benefits: No limits on ambition.