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Inspari A/S – Converting Data in Revenue Opportunities with CluedIn   

25% of  data being corrupted on an annual basis as customer contact details change.

Without constant attention the quality of data in a customer database will decline. After all, customer data degrades at 2% per month, with 25% of  data being corrupted on an annual basis as customer contact details change with home moves, new mobile phone numbers, etc.

Depending upon people is only part of the solution as they make mistakes too when inputting customer details. So it’s perhaps not surprising that 20% of addresses entered online contain errors such as spelling mistakes, wrong house numbers, and inaccurate postcodes. 

CluedIn is the only platform we would choose to solve this and the other problems problems of a lack of Data Management on Microsoft Azure. CluedIn is a Azure-native Master Data Management platform that streamlines the process of making data ready for insights, without compromising its fidelity or flexibility.  


Doing nothing is no longer an option as it has a compounding impact across your entire business. 

Bear in mind the 1-10-100 rule, that it costs on average $1 to verify the accuracy of a record at point of entry, $10 if it needs to be cleaned and $100 if nothing is done. This doesn’t include the additional cost of mis-deliveries of shipments, direct mail, missed opportunities and undetected fraud.

Let CluedIn reduce the cost at each step ensuring the most accurate data gets to Analytics and Operations.

A cloud native master data management solution that feels like it was built by Microsoft itself.

Microsoft brings powerful infrastructure for managing your cloud ecosystem and CluedIn was built for the cloud, it didn't move there. With native integration into over 40 Microsoft services, it just feels like it was built by Microsoft itself.


40 native integrations
With out-of-the-box Microsoft services.


Deployed in days
Not months for rapid speed value.


3x more cost effective
Than traditional non data-fabric MDM solutions.

If you are doing MDM on Microsoft Azure, we choose CluedIn every time. 

Deployable straight from the Azure Marketplace and with native integration to Purview, Azure Data Factory, Synapse, Power BI, Azure Active Directory, Azure Kubernetes Services and more. 
Inspari and CluedIn, the native MDM choice on Azure Cloud, now make it easier and faster to create trusted data that's ready-to-use data in Azure Cloud.