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One data platform to rule them all

There is a lot of confusion in the market. Customers cannot be blamed for the confusion. The data landscape is huge, vast and growing on a daily basis. It is important to establish that as this landscape grows, one thing is true. Your data story will also grow overtime. It never stops. Placing in a platform today will not future-proof you for years - it just doesn’t happen like that in the data industry. What you need to do is navigate the landscape and understand what adds overall value to your story and in what order should you invest.

It is important to establish this fact and then to build a strategy with this in mind. Let’s start with some examples. Think of your entire end to end data story being a set of pipes i.e. like plumbing. I strongly believe it is a safe bet that conceptually, this will remain like this for some time. There is always a “graph” or “network” type of infrastructure to a data pipeline, but conceptually, the idea of plumbing still works well.

Take these pipes and then conceptualise that if the pipes are 100 meters long, you currently have 10 meters of that in place at your company. You are having issues with being data driven, because 10 meters of plumbing is too low to meet the requirements. As new technologies evolve, we will replace parts of the pipe, we will fill it out and we might even expand the side of the pipes. Different vendors will build different parts of the pipe and as plumbers will most likely tell you, they don’t always fit.


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