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CluedIn and Microsoft Power Platform: get the governed, mastered data you need in minutes!

  58:33 minutes

Webinar at a glance

Aleksander Kovacevic, CluedIn
Samuel Dasaolu, CluedIn
Patrick Kitchell, Microsoft


Who should listen:
Any data practitioner interested in automating complex, manual data processing workflows that currently take up too much of their time.

Video summary:

Join Samuel (Account Executive - UK&I, CluedIn), Aleks (Pre-Sales Solution Architect, CluedIn and Patrick (Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft) as they discuss how CluedIn and Microsoft Power Platform is empowering businesses to benefit from actionable data fast. 

Learn how CluedIn’s master data management platform, augmented by the Microsoft Power Platform advanced automation capabilities, can help you to take complex, manual data processes and automate them in minute. 

You will also hear how integrating CluedIn to every workflow empowers your business to make better decisions, enjoy faster outcomes and transform customer experiences. 

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