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Fix those Data Lake projects.

80% of Data Lake projects fail. Give your Data Lake the chance it needs to prove its value. 

Leading data lakes integrations

Off the shelf integrations to the leading data lakes.

CluedIn has over 220+ prebuilt integrations to platforms including popular Data Lakes like:

  • Microsoft Azure Data Lake
  • Hadoop
  • IBM Data Lake
  • AWS Data Lake
  • Cloudera

Automate Governance, Catalogs, Integration and Preparation.

Data Lakes didn't succeed due to the fact that the data in them is not ready for use. There is too much work to do after the lake, which negates the value that it promised. Placing CluedIn on top of your Data Lake will bring your lake to the point where your business will finally unlock the potential of your data.

Automated Catalog
Systematise Data Cleaning

Systematise Data Cleaning 

Clean the swamp and do this with scale. Data Lakes are designed to store PB's of data. CluedIn is designed to clean and prepare data at this scale.

Easy data exploration.

Enable your data lake and give your business easy exploration of the data within your lake. Everything is searchable, everything.

Easy data exploration
Save data back to the lake

Save this data back to the Lake.

Even if you want to give direct access to your lake, CluedIn can write all its goodness back to the lake so you can have your good data everywhere.


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