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I have 1000 systems to integrate - help!

Picture this. You are a big enterprise, you are thousands of employees across the globe, and you are acquiring new companies on a monthly basis. So, by now, you probably have a bit of a mess on your hands with your data. It is pretty typical that through acquisitions new and unexplored tools and technology stacks come in that are now your responsibility. Should you just give up? Quit? I have to admit that under certain circumstances I would not blame you. But there is hope, and I can guarantee you that you will be introduced to a new way of addressing this issue, a technique you haven’t been using to solve this in the past. Let’s break down the problem.

You potentially have 1000’s of different systems, some the same, some are completely different and solving similar problems. You are now responsible for proper data governance that covers compliance, quality, lineage and more. There is no “known” cost benefit of you to solve this problem i.e. most don’t think there is value added that will come from solving this mess. You have layers of politics that make the organizational effort too much. The rate of acquisitions is not slowing down. How does it even get to this point? Easy.


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