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Data Preparation

Data needs love. CluedIn will guide you through that process. 

Data Cleaning

The CluedIn Approach.

Do less work. Get more value.

Traditional vendors will stage data for you until it is fixed in entirety i.e. with 95% of it having no issues at all. There is no need for this, CluedIn will quarantine only the data that needs attention.  Including a visual environment that enables users to interactively sample and prepare data assets, and also match, tag and annotate data for future exploration. 


  • Data Driven is about time-to-insight. Stalling data will not make you a data driven company.  
  • CluedIn will facilitate the entire process of what to clean, who to do it and what impact it will have.  
By 2022, data preparation will become a critical capability in more than 60% of data integration, analytics/BI, data science, data engineering and data lake enablement platforms.
Ehtisham Zaidi, Sharat Menon

Powerful Features. Made Simple.

Enabling everyone in the business to play a role

Intuitive Data Wrangling tools for Data Stewards that allow them to fix data normalisation issues, missing data and complex data challenges.


  • Simple Dropdown functionality. 
  • Unlike competitors, CluedIn Clean scales to huge data sets.
Data Normalisation
Multi-tenant Data Cleaning

Collaborate on datasets together

CluedIn Clean is multi-tenant

Clean big datasets with your team-mates and see the changes in front of your eyes.


Solving the hardest challenges in Data Preparation. 

Some things are harder to clean than others

Let's be honest. Some data is harder to clean than others. CluedIn has made sure these are included as solutions in our product.


  • Fix Address Data. 
  • Normalise Names, Countries, anything.
  • Enrich your data from online data sets
Data Enrichment
High Fidelity Data

Bring data to its highest fidelity.

Give every system the best chance to shine. 

High Data Quality is "the" key to success in data fuelled projects. This requires a foundation of data that is built on the highest fidelity. 


  • Your data is represented in CluedIn in a Knowledge Graph, the highest fidelity data structure available. 
  • Clean data for every use-case, not just one.
  • Clean once. Use many times.

Gets Smarter over time.

Reinforcement Learning.

CluedIn Train allows Data Citizens to be involved in the cleaning process to automate data cleaning. 


  • Simple to use interfaces to teach CluedIn how to clean automatically. 
  • Collaborate on decisions. 
  • Understand customer-specific data. 
Data Training

Want to see how CluedIn can fix your data issues?


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