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Data Ops

Data needs the same control, reliability and management as the technologies we use to process it. 

Data Processing Overview

Full Processing Transparency

Get full coverage over the transformation of your data

Too often we throw data into technolgies and we have no lineage or visiblity over what this technology is doing. All we see is the result. You can't build trust on this.


  • Detailed Processing Logs
  • Visual Processing Lineage

Plugs into best of breed systems

Hook into CluedIn with your favourite ops tools

CluedIn leans on the shoulders of giants and hence we have off the shelf support to plug in 3rd party systems to help get transparency on your data.


  • Support for over 70+ logging providers out of the box.
  • Kubernetes brings support for 100's of custom dashboards such as Graphana.
Ops Marketplace
Data Ops Insights

Run sandboxed tests on your data like you do with code.

Why wouldn't you want confidence over your data like you do with your code?

CluedIn allows you to run unit, integration and functional testing over your data as to help you sleep at night knowing that your data is transforming the way you expect it to. 


  • Run virtualised processing pipelines in memory for sandbox testing of data transformations.
  • Create production grade assertions on what you expect to happen with your data to help debug and track down data issues.

With a scriptable API to roll out anything in an automated way.

Manage your data like you do with your code and infrastructure.

CluedIn allows you to script entire processes of data deployment so you can setup the process with tests and roll it out with full confidence.


  • Add 1000's of connectors through automated configuration.
  • Automate User Interface tasks with scripting languages such as PowerShell.

With FinOps for full cost management.

The cloud native data platform that helps you manage your cloud data consumption.

Part of data operations is managing costs. Traditionally, managing cost of cloud consumption is hard and met with unwelcome surprises. Not with CluedIn. 


  • See the cost impacts of anything you do in CluedIn.
  • .Forecast the impact of scaling up or down your data environment.

With customizable alerts.

Streamed directly to your favorite applications like Teams, Slack and more.

We realise that your data foundation is part of your infrastructure foundation and hence we have the easy ability to hook into any alerting systems you need.


  • Native integration to over 15+ alerts systems.
  • No code integration, plus plug and play.

Move forward with confidence


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