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Data Maturity Model Frameworks

Working in the data field, it is very apparent that there is the need for frameworks and maturity models so that companies can establish a status quo of where they lie in the journey towards being data driven. Hence, this White Paper is a guide on how to measure and be aware of your data maturity level. With the diversity of companies, do not be surprised if there are parts of the maturity model that overlap for you. Use this as a guide to gauge a path of increasing your maturity with data, not a “bible”.

Let’s start by defining the Data Maturity Model and what each step in the maturity model entails. The majority of enterprise businesses today are commonly at either step 1 or 2. Without a doubt, most enterprise companies are years away from reaching the nirvana that is Data Driven Maturity. Don’t be ashamed or disappointed if you fall in the lower level of data maturity, you are genuinely joining most companies in the world.


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