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Data Governance

You can have all the data in the world, but without governance, data projects will not succeed. 

Data Lineage

Trust, all the way

To gain trust, you need full visibility

Data Governance is essential in all data projects whether you like to admit it or not. 


  • Detailed and Automated Data Lineage from Source to Target.
  • Transparent and explainable audit trails.
  • Trust Paths.

Granular Visibility

Full History

CluedIn maintains a full history of every single change in data. This allows you to trace back everything about your data. 


  • Granular Data Lineage
  • See how your records are composed from across different sources
  • Data Quality scores down to the property level
Full Data History
Business Ready Glossary

Making it so easy for your business.

Business ready. Business friendly.

Talk to your entire data landscape with a common language. No more need to understand source systems or talk to domain experts.


  • Collaborative Data Glossary.
  • Endorse, Rate and Share with ease.
  • Works across language, departments and lingo.

Utilise your data with confidence.

Proactive Data Policies.

Setup proactive business rules to monitor and alert on sensitive data or data that needs action.


  • Sophisticated Rules allow you to provide free-flowing, compliant and secure data throughout your business.
  • Built-In Data Sovereignty to maintain location of data in complex and globally distributed companies.
  • Detailed logs of processing so that you can see exactly what is happening and has happened to your data over time.
Proactive Data Policies
Granular Access Control

Secure by default

Granular Access Control

CluedIn can manage complex security, access control and permission requirements.


  • Active Directory integration
  • Build your own Roles
  • Set different permissions at different parts of the processing

With a full audit trail of every action run in the system.

Explain everything.

CluedIn stores an audit trail of every action in the platform, who did it, who approved it and when it happened.


  • An inbuilt audit trail allows anyone to see why a certain action was taken on data.
  • You can tick all the boxes around SEC Rule 613 or other audit trail regulations.
  • Don't ever second guess anything with your data platform.

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