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Get Access To CluedIn's Online Developer Training

With the recent announcement from Microsoft that CluedIn is now the reference and recommended architecture and product for Master Data Management on Azure cloud, we'd like to celebrate it with everyone by offering free access to everyone for a limited time.


Want to know more about CluedIn on Microsoft Azure?

Your Data Has Evolved, But Has Your Data Management Strategy?

Bottom-line, connected data is more interesting than disconnected data. CluedIn is an inference engine that helps you infer connections out of the dirtiest of data. Rather than modelling
and connecting the data yourself, our engine provides this for you.


Turn disconnected data into connected and enriched data structures.

The hardest part about building connected data is inferring the connections. We take all types of data as input and infer the connections for you. Not only this but we are constantly reprocessing this to make sure that new connections are always found and the connections improves as the CluedIn Solution evolves.

Make Better Data Driven Decisions

Modern MDM is about providing you with the confidence in your data to help you make better decisions faster. 

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Limitless Scale

Modern MDM is Cloud native. Auto scaling, scale down, easy to maintain, automated upgrades and don't pay for what you don't use.

Let your data work for you by having it automatically make decisions for you

Remove the magic and investment behind Machine Learning and build your applications on a data layer that improves over time and learns from the more data that is processed through it.


Have your data constantly re-evaluated, updated and enriched.

Finally put your data to work by increasing the quality of decisions by simply adding more data.

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