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Lend a Hand

Our team believes in building great software, with good people, for the benefit of others. 



Den socialøkonomiske virksomhed Lend a Hand ApS*, is a charity founded by the creators of CluedIn.

Not everyone is given the same opportunities. If you, your family or friends have special-care children, you will know that times can get tough. Governments give care to the children, but often the parents do not get the same care to have some time to themselves and to give them a break.

Families often face multiple challenges, such as the day-to-day care requirements for your special-needs child, coping with the emotional and physical demands of caring for an individual with a disability, social isolation, financial concerns and the struggle to find appropriate services for their child and the family. 


Lend a Hand will support families with special-needs children. The purpose is to provide the families with some time and care and make their daily lives easier. The support can be carried out in the homes of the families or by inviting the families to events or outings organized by Lend a Hand.


The mission of "Den socialøkonomiske virksomhed Lend a Hand ApS" is to build a network of employees and volunteers that can support families and special-needs children by providing the parents or the carers with "a break". 

The purpose is to not only help parents or carers directly, but to organise outings and days for the children as well. It could be anything from sports days, theme parks or other events / activities. ​​

Our long-term goal is to involve engaging CluedIn customers to share in the charity with us. 

*The charity is set-up in form of an ApS entity, registered as a social-economic enterprise under the name "Den socialøkonomiske virksomhed Lend a Hand ApS" (CVR number 41597593).