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Build your Data Governance Story.

Data Governance is hard. CluedIn will guide you through enabling your governance strategy. 


Start with full visibility over all your data.

CluedIn makes it easy to get up and running with a full picture of what data you have, where it is and what it is.

Get visibility of data that needs attention.

Instead of you searching for data that could be a risk, CluedIn brings this to your attention for you. 


Unleash data to your company with full confidence.

CluedIn allows you to map business terminology to underlying data.

With full lineage to build trust.

So that you can use your data with full confidence. 


And have full ownership along the entire trail.

CluedIn supports dimension-based governance to assign reponsibility, ownership and accountability. 

With a full workflow system to adapt to your needs.

CluedIn has an inbuilt workflow system that allows you to assign responsiblity, escalate issues and define specific business processes.


With out of the box Governance models to support you if Governance isn't your forte. 

At CluedIn, it is not news that many companies struggle with defining a data governance strategy. Although industries and companies are different, there are some core pillars of data governance that every single strategy needs. CluedIn will guide you through these fundamentals and you can make the changes needed for your specific cases.

Ready to build your data governance story?

Get in touch and we can talk you through our Data Governance pillar.