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Azure Managed Application

Description and Service Level Agreement

This document describes the services and activities included in CluedIn Azure Managed Application service, and the service levels associated with it.

This service includes the management of the infrastructure on which CluedIn is running, in the Customer’s environment - this comprises the Azure instances and associated storage, compute and memory resources, the databases and database services, and other services comprising the infrastructure running the CluedIn application. The service is available for Customers who install CluedIn Azure Managed Application via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and who have a valid CluedIn license.

As a pre-requisite of installing and configuring the service, the Customer must make an Azure administrator available who has the required rights to install the managed application, and an Azure point of contact who can assist with knowledge of the Customer’s specific Azure environment, security and access and configurations, and internal compliance requirements.

In order to be able to provide the service, CluedIn will also need information regarding network routing requirements and Customer must have a SQL Server license for each environment for the operation of the SQL server which comprises part of the CluedIn infrastructure.

If the security and processes associated with the Customer’s Azure environment are not possible within the standard service offering, the Customer will be notified and the Parties will agree on the additional cost to the Customer or the service will be provided with the standard security and processes.

In order to safeguard the Customer’s business continuity, the Customer’s Azure administrators will have access to operations on the CluedIn infrastructure within the Customer’s Azure environment. CluedIn is not responsible or liable for actions taken by the Customer on the Azure Managed Application environment, which may result in the interruption or degradation of service or the loss of data.

The service comprises management of 1 Production and 2 non-production environments, as included in the standard CluedIn Azure Managed Application license.

CluedIn Azure Managed Application service comprises the following services and activities on the infrastructure on which CluedIn is running:

Installation and Configuration

  • Guidance and support on preparation and installation of the Azure Managed Application.
  • Validation of installation of CluedIn Azure

Managed Application.

  • Setup of standard monitoring and alerting.
  • Configuration of basic Single-Sign On as needed.
  • Standard configuration of DNS, SSL, SMTP, as needed.

The service does not include:

  • Specific network routing required for the application.
  • Whitelisting of ports and applications as required.
  • Setting up custom alerts specific to the customer’s monitoring environment.
  • Onsite support.

The services above can be agreed separately as part of the implementation project with a CluedIn partner or with CluedIn directly.

Monitoring and Support

  • Continuous monitoring of standard alerts relating to the CluedIn infrastructure.
  • Action or investigation based on alerts or Customer support enquiries for those under the CluedIn Premium Support service.
  • Scaling or adjusting of Customer’s Azure resources as required as part of CluedIn implementation project.
The monitoring and support service does not include alerting dashboards or integration with the customer’s central alerting system.


  • Proactive upgrades (to the extent available) of the underlying services supporting the CluedIn infrastructure, such as Azure Kubernetes Services, to the extent required to enable the correct functioning of CluedIn.
  • Proactive allocation of memory, storage etc., to the thresholds and levels allowed on the Customer’s Azure account and as agreed with the Customer.
  • Setup of auto-scaling of resources, to the thresholds and levels allowed on the Customer’s Azure account and as agreed with the Customer.
  • Installation of available CluedIn extension packages as required by the implementation project.

Upgrading and security patching of underlying databases such as Azure SQL and other services are included in CluedIn feature updates.

The service includes upgrading to new feature versions of CluedIn as well patch upgrades and security patches of CluedIn.

  • Proactive recommendation of upgrades to new feature or patch versions of CluedIn.
  • Validation of the upgraded platform.
The installation and frequency of upgrades is agreed with the Customer. However, Customer is required to be on supported versions of the CluedIn software (no more than four feature level releases back), for continued operation of the service.
The upgrade service includes the upgrade of the CluedIn platform software itself. It does not include validation of any customizations specific to the Customer’s environment.

Business Continuity

  • Setup and configuration of the backup and restore functionality (nightly), at the retention rate agreed with Customer.
  • Monitoring and maintenance to ensure backups are taken.
  • Defined and documented restore / recovery procedure and process.
  • On-demand restoration of data from the last available backup.
  • 1 disaster recovery test per year
  • The service comprises a single cluster by default.
Multi-region High Availability setup is not included.

The following service levels apply to the CluedIn Azure Managed Application service:


Service Level



CluedIn Platform Infrastructure: 99.9%

The CluedIn Azure Managed Application service will be available.

Uptime will be reported on a quarterly basis.

Recovery Time Objective

  • 4 hours

The system will be fully recovered following a disaster or business continuity scenario in no more 4 hours.

Recovery Point Objective

  • 24 hours

Backups are scheduled every 24 hours. Data can be reingested and rerun, to the extent possible as a part of recovery, in order to lower the Recovery Point.

Notes and exceptions:

  1. Agreed maintenance and Emergency maintenance are not included in uptime calculations. Agreed maintenance means the periods agreed with Customer which will be at least two, of at least four hours each, per year. Emergency maintenance means downtime of the Service, outside of the Agreed maintenance, that is required to complete the application of urgent patches or fixes, to undertake other urgent maintenance activities, or where maintenance is required as a result of conditions beyond CluedIn’s control. If Emergency maintenance is required, CluedIn will promptly contact Customer and provide the expected start time of the Emergency maintenance, its planned duration, and whether the Service will be unavailable.
  2. Downtime as a result of Customer actions on the CluedIn Azure infrastructure, or as a result of the unavailability of Azure services or virtual machines are not included in the calculated downtime or recovery time.
  3. Azure services and virtual machines are subject to Microsoft Azure service levels.
  4. Support issues and issues which affect the operation of CluedIn are covered by the CluedIn Premium Support service and associated service level agreement.

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