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January 23rd, 2024  |  6 min read

Five Compelling Reasons Why CluedIn is the Optimal Choice for Master Data Management on Microsoft Azure

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, enterprises constantly seek solutions that not only streamline their data processes but also align seamlessly with their existing technology stack. For businesses that have committed to the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, CluedIn is the go-to Master Data Management (MDM) solution. Here we explore five fundamental reasons why CluedIn stands as the most natural choice for Master Data Management on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Ecosystem

CluedIn has been designed to integrate flawlessly with the Microsoft Azure platform, offering a seamless experience for businesses already leveraging Azure’s capabilities. This integration extends across various Azure services, including Azure Data Factory, Power BI, and Azure Synapse. One of the most significant is CluedIn’s deep integration with Microsoft Purview. Together, these two products offer a unified, scalable, and transparent means to manage, govern, and derive insights from data.

In addition, CluedIn offers a comprehensive integration experience with Microsoft Fabric by taking raw data and preparing it for analysis, sharing, and AI modelling across the Fabric suite. CluedIn delivers the operational pipeline of high-quality, trusted data needed to unlock powerful business intelligence, greater productivity, and improved operations with Microsoft Fabric.

In total, CluedIn has over 27 native integrations with Azure data and analytics services, compared with our nearest competitor which has just five.

In addition, CluedIn is the only Azure Marketplace Managed Service for MDM. This means that YOUR data is YOUR data and stays inside your Azure Tenant.

The relationship goes beyond mere compatibility, however. CluedIn utilizes Azure’s robust infrastructure to enhance its performance, taking advantage of Azure’s scalability and security features. This means businesses can easily scale their MDM capabilities as they grow, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Speaking of the future, another point to note is that CluedIn has a committed Azure Product Roadmap which means that the company will continue to invest heavily in all of its Azure integrations – existing and new.

Designed for the business

Despite its powerful capabilities, CluedIn was designed from the ground up to be accessible to business technologists as well as IT and data engineers. Microsoft and CluedIn are fully aligned in their belief that involving the business in the supply chain of data – not merely as consumers but as contributors - is critical to ensuring that the value of data is maximized.

It was with these principles in mind that CluedIn became the first MDM vendor to integrate with Azure OpenAI, and recently announced the introduction of its MDM AI assistant.

Advanced Data Management Capabilities

At the heart of CluedIn's offering is its advanced data management capabilities, which are particularly powerful when combined with Azure’s cloud computing prowess. CluedIn provides a comprehensive suite of tools for data integration, quality management, and governance, all crucial for effective Master Data Management.

CluedIn excels in consolidating data from disparate sources, and in cleansing and enriching this data to ensure accuracy and completeness. This process is vital for businesses dealing with data sprawl across multiple departments and systems. By creating a single source of truth, CluedIn helps businesses make more informed decisions, backed by reliable, high-quality data.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Data security and regulatory compliance are top priorities for businesses, especially in an era where data breaches and privacy concerns are rampant. CluedIn, in conjunction with Azure, offers robust security features that safeguard sensitive data. Azure’s advanced security measures, including data encryption and access controls, are complemented by CluedIn’s own data security and privacy features.

Moreover, CluedIn aids businesses in adhering to various compliance standards such as the GDPR. Its data governance capabilities ensure that data usage is transparent and compliant with regulatory requirements, an essential factor for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions or handling sensitive customer data.

Scalability and Flexibility

The scalability of CluedIn, powered by Azure’s cloud infrastructure, is a significant advantage for businesses. Whether dealing with large volumes of data or expanding their operations, companies can scale their MDM solution effortlessly. CluedIn’s architecture is designed to handle vast amounts of data and complex data landscapes, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Because CluedIn was born in the Azure Cloud, it has been built from the ground up to take advantage of features like consumption-based pricing and horizontal scaling. Other Azure-focused vendors adapted on-premises platforms and moved them to the Cloud, restricting their ability to truly leverage the Azure infrastructure.

CluedIn stands out as the most fitting choice for Master Data Management on Microsoft Azure due to its seamless integration, advanced data management capabilities, robust security and compliance features, scalability, and focus on empowering business users. For businesses invested in the Azure ecosystem, CluedIn is not just a compatible MDM solution; it’s a strategic extension that enhances their overall data strategy and empowers them to achieve more with their data.

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