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March 25th, 2024  |  6 min read

CluedIn announces third-party Purview experience

The new Microsoft Purview Data Governance experience

The new Microsoft Purview Data Governance experience, announced at today’s Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, enables every organization to accelerate the creation of responsible value from its data.

By simplifying operations through AI-powered assistance and promoting federated governance across multi-cloud data estates, Microsoft Purview now offers a sophisticated yet straightforward business-friendly interface, enhancing integration across data sources and paving the way for AI-driven natural language experiences.

This new SaaS offering, currently available in preview, is built upon Microsoft's own data governance journey and lessons learned from its enterprise customers, embodying principles of unified, integrated, and extensible data management solutions. With this advancement, Microsoft aims to empower organizations to govern, protect, and manage data effectively, ensuring readiness for AI applications while addressing the challenges of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and the need for actionable data insights.

Announcing the CluedIn Third-Party Purview experience

One of the standout features of the new Microsoft Purview is the ability to access CluedIn directly from within the Microsoft Purview User Interface. Customers of Microsoft Purview and CluedIn will now be able to transfer data directly from Microsoft Purview into CluedIn, creating an end-to-end data journey that allows customers to achieve a granular view of their data, including viewing relationships, mapping, and lineage. It will also enable users to take advantage of the master data capabilities of CluedIn – including cleaning, deduplicating, enriching, and streaming data – as part of a unified data management path.

In addition, CluedIn supports many of the enhanced Microsoft Purview features, such as Data Products (a collection of data assets used for a business function), Business Domains (a collection of Data Products), Data Quality (assessment of quality), Data Access, and Data Estate Health (reports + insights).

This integration signifies more than just a technical partnership. Both Microsoft and CluedIn are committed to making data accessible and valuable to all business users, which is why Microsoft Purview now includes natural language browsing for data products, an AI Copilot Experience, and self-serve access management. CluedIn was the first Master Data Management provider to integrate with Azure OpenAI and introduced its own AI Assistant in January of this year. Through this latest integration, these capabilities are extended into Microsoft Purview to deliver comprehensive responses directly within a workflow.




A History of Unmatched Integration with Azure Services:

CluedIn now integrates with an unparalleled 24+ Azure services, more than any other Microsoft ISV partner. This expansive integration includes services such as Power BI, Azure AI Studio, Azure OpenAI, and Microsoft Fabric.

CluedIn, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Fabric – the modern data ecosystem

Federated data governance, as provided by the Microsoft Purview and CluedIn platforms, lays the foundation for a flexible, unified, and secure data estate that enables data teams and business users alike to use data to facilitate stronger outcomes. With this in place, advanced analytics solutions like Microsoft Fabric are best positioned to enable data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence initiatives.

Concerning Microsoft Fabric specifically, CluedIn's automation-first approach completely removes the need for technical support in data integration and processing by autonomously setting up Azure Data Factory or Microsoft Fabric pipelines, ensuring that data products undergo thorough Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) treatment effortlessly.

By way of the CluedIn Third-Party Purview experience, CluedIn not only automatically documents all data lineage but also enriches Purview with processed output assets. This capability is instrumental in facilitating true Data Mesh architectures within Microsoft Fabric.
In addition, CluedIn has released the Microsoft Fabric Python SDK, allowing direct access to CluedIn data from Data Engineering workspaces within Microsoft Fabric. This development underscores our dedication to enhancing accessibility and versatility in data operations.

Ultimate Ease of Entry with Free 10,000 Records Offer

To celebrate the preview of the CluedIn Third-Party Purview experience, CluedIn is giving new customers 10,000 free records plus the opportunity to qualify for free onboarding services for their first use case.  Available exclusively with our Managed Service offering, this offer is designed to democratize data governance for businesses of all sizes. Find out more information and sign up for this exclusive offer here.

Coming soon…CluedIn SaaS

In a further addition to the CluedIn portfolio, CluedIn will soon be available as a SaaS offering through the Azure Marketplace. Delivering enterprise-grade data quality for growing organizations, it offers powerful, scalable data integration and cleaning tools that rapidly improve data quality. Including the full set of CluedIn features, this blend of high-end capabilities, affordability, and user-friendly accessibility will be unmatched in the market.


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